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  1. More info on this truck, p-l-e-a-s-e! Rear camber?!!?!!?!
  2. How rare are the OE ones?
  3. Mine are 15x8.5. If these are knocks, they damn good. Super light.
  4. In my garage......in pieces at the moment. Huge project that snowballed. Had to put it on hold, but it WILL ride again.
  5. Holy double trouble Batman! Another Orange 521 with InterCepts?!!?!?!?! Inconceiveable!
  6. Cheeeeeeeee! I need to pop in here more. That 620 look sick! Lemme know if u need parts for it. Those can still be found up here in scrap yrds. Alohas!
  7. What kine looks did you get from the braddahs at the front desk at your condo? Hahahahaha. Kinda hard to sneak one engine by, no? The photo shoot looked like fun. The wagon is lookin good. Make me homesick cuz!
  8. If u come up for Canby next year, I'll check it out. I haven't gone in a few years. Chutes!
  9. U were up here? Damn dood. We coulda hit some of the ono grinds that Portland has to offer. \m/
  10. 808DA6

    Red Door Meet

    Juan, Mike and myself were there today. We were the only dimes there. Saw a few Z cars and a yellow 620. Great show and pretty well governed. For me, its too bad its on Sunday. I'll be working every Sunday from here on out.
  11. Anybody game to hang out? I know its last minute and I know u guys have the Saturday night RR thing, but tomorrow is 5/10. We should do something.
  12. I'll be there. Meeting up sound like a plan.
  13. Not ready to run. The head is complete, but it'll need to be gone through. Cam looks like it has some flat spots so it'll need regrind and the rockers are probably toast. If there's nobody that wants any of it by tomorrow morning, the scrapper will be picking it up. Its a freebie at this point.
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