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  1. Well hell! I have been out a while....Time to get back into the swing
  2. Nope...the original one. 2.0 was a sick sorry excuse for a revamp. I left it alone.... :thumbup:
  3. I am the guy who lives in infamy for deleting the first Insomniac thread. Other than that, I have no identity....
  4. Hmmm..... another one of these gosh darn threads. Nice work!
  5. This is correct...the main jet plays a relatively small part in "normal" driving. This sounds like a good option before changing jets. But if at idle he already has a rich state then it may not help.... This might help you decide what to change. If you really want to see where you are lean/rich on a bike with multiple carbs perform the WOT test where you run at WOT then cut the engine at WOT without deceleration. Then check your plugs to see which is lean vs right or rich.
  6. Updates!!! Found this cool little info on the bike.... Fixed the ignition switch, now it has a key. Fixed the front brakes, getting better already. Made a video of the bike running as promised! [url= ] More to come!
  7. I know this is waaay off topic, but I thought I would share my new / old passion. Enjoy and watch my new project take shape... I have traded my 85">http://pnwriders.com/projects/172249-phlebmasters-1985-vf500f-interceptor-evolution-full-pics-win.html"]85 Vf500f finished project for an 87 VFR750F project. The bike needs a few things, but that is the way I like it. Stay tuned for another fun and fast project!! The plastics are off but there and I already have spare parts in waiting....and it runs! So, now down to business. I have some things I need to do to this bike to make it
  8. This project is now complete, For those who would rather not look over each post, I have made a video from start to finish with this project. See you on the roads.... I found a set of corners to practice on. This run was my second time around, lots of different types of corners and road conditions. It will take me a few tries to get my lines right.....still working on that. :mrgreen: I apologize for the wind noise...tried to reduce that as much as I could.
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