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  1. pimp1911

    Reproduction 510 sheet metal

    I just read the entire thread and cried a little. My dime has been in storage for 7 years. Partly because of life responsibilities and also because or body parts. I need a rear quarter. Any updates? Dave thanks for taking this on and your about to get a ton of my money.
  2. pimp1911

    Racin Z vid

    Love watching old Z's giving new cars hell on the track.
  3. pimp1911

    When the ex tells you: "Get that piece of JUNK out of here!!!"

    So the Datsun is pushing the ford away. Nice. :-)
  4. pimp1911

    the madness has got to stop

    And on "low profile" tires. Lol.
  5. I hate to say it. But Game over.
  6. pimp1911

    Anybody seen this analysis of the RATSUN Site?

    Sweet. Go ratsun Go.
  7. pimp1911

    Need a good body shop

    Thanks guys for the recommendation.
  8. I am looking for a good body shop in Atlanta that can handle doing some work on my 510? Any good referrals?
  9. I actually saw one of these in motion about 2 months ago in traffic. Super rare indeed.
  10. pimp1911

    1971 Datsun 510 VG33e

    Nice. A VG33 are my future plans as well. Do you have any interior shots?
  11. pimp1911

    My new shop!!!!!!!

    Dwight. You are the man. Nice shop. And a fellow Atlantain as well. When will the bar portion of the shop be open. :-)
  12. pimp1911

    1978 510 2dr-atlanta

    Charlie, I feel your pain on all fronts.
  13. pimp1911

    hi all iam new

    Frame rails,rockers and floorboards.
  14. pimp1911

    Possible lead on Datsuns In Georgia

    Same here. Lets converge on the place.

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