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    i am a one-man custom car upholstery shop.
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  1. I own a custom upholstery shop...
  2. Yeah! Looking good, Mike!
  3. I'm still around. New town, new job considering selling the truck..
  4. Explain that to the dipshit engineers where I work ;D
  5. slodat

    slodat's 620 KC

    That carpet is multiple pieces sewn together much like a seat cover. It fits the curvature of the floor very well. I'm happy to do custom work on Datsuns...
  6. Looks like a bust.. Well.. I'm in Grand Coulee. If anyone wants to stop by, check out the shop, shoot the shit, let me know.
  7. Hey! I am over in Grand Coulee. If you need some true upholstery adhesive for your bed cover, let me know. I have a full upholstery shop.
  8. I have always thought of doing something very similar with a removable trans xmember with exhaust pass through. Very nice!
  9. crackerjack-I'm 55 miles from Omak. There's a ton of campgrounds around here..
  10. It doesn't matter if you drive a datsun down. I'd just like to hang out with some people that like the same shit I do. :) How about Saturday, August 3rd?
  11. Oh. I see it now. Seal wasn't in the block.. What caused that??
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