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  1. I own a custom upholstery shop...
  2. Yeah! Looking good, Mike!
  3. slodat

    slodat's 521

    I'm still around. New town, new job considering selling the truck..
  4. Explain that to the dipshit engineers where I work ;D
  5. slodat

    slodat's 620 KC

    That carpet is multiple pieces sewn together much like a seat cover. It fits the curvature of the floor very well. I'm happy to do custom work on Datsuns...
  6. Looks like a bust.. Well.. I'm in Grand Coulee. If anyone wants to stop by, check out the shop, shoot the shit, let me know.
  7. Hey! I am over in Grand Coulee. If you need some true upholstery adhesive for your bed cover, let me know. I have a full upholstery shop.
  8. I have always thought of doing something very similar with a removable trans xmember with exhaust pass through. Very nice!
  9. crackerjack-I'm 55 miles from Omak. There's a ton of campgrounds around here..
  10. It doesn't matter if you drive a datsun down. I'd just like to hang out with some people that like the same shit I do. :) How about Saturday, August 3rd?
  11. Oh. I see it now. Seal wasn't in the block.. What caused that??
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