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PH8A Fram filter


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Okay so they will fit but what's wrong with FRAM filters, I've never had any problems with them and have had lots of cars.


do a google search for "fram failure pics" and the first thing thatll come up is a picture of a fram filter that was cut open to reveal the collapsed element inside. frams have cardboard internals that are very prone to failing.

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a thread was started by DTP on Fram filter issues and I just started to try out the napa gold filter and so far it is ok. can't notice anything from fram unless I was able to cut open but seeing cut out pics of filters shows the napa is a nicer made filter. try the napa filter or maybe Wix. not sure on motorcraft on hos well made they are.

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I've never had any problems with them and have had lots of cars.

never is a long time... not a long as it took for quality to be transfered out.



ive personally not had issues either, but i havent used one for many years either.

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Here is the deal....filters are critical. You decide how much your engine is worth to you. Seen Fram filters detonate/implode/explode/seperate with my own eyes...4or5 different times. These are not "random" events. DO NOT RUN FRAM FILTERS


Check this link for a great run-down on lab-test,repeatable filter disections and QC issues.



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Fram was very good untill they were bought out a couple years back. Basically All paper type filters are crap, they all have a pressure relief valve that bypasses the filter alltogether and are pointless. If you really want a true oil filter get a cleanable one. There are a couple manufacturers out there that make them BTW true race cars and teams use them. Not what the "sponser" wants you to know.


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1515 Napa Gold, 40% off at your participating NAPA store this month!!! (Really)

and you also get a NAPA racing hat with your purchase, the Fers forgot to give me mine, I spend like 45$ and no hat, basterds

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