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  1. I’m 35 and....I tested positive. Started into Double pneumonia , cold sweats , nausea , about passed out instantly more than a few times , clammy sweaty cold skin , back ached/tight , chest was bothersome overall , shortness of breath , instant sore throat , no cough or loss of sense of taste. i coulD not believe —-> HOW FAST <—— some of the symptoms came on....were talking mere ***seconds*** for some to show up ! I coughed up Small black garbage (6-7 times), brown/yellow-ish stuff mixed in with flem. Once the black stuff stopped coming out...I could breath DEEPLY again. ***my doctor said he wanted me to come back in ASAP if my chest discomfort (heart) got any worse. I wouldn’t doubt that some damage could have or did occur. Took some time , but the discomfort went away in about a month....slowly.....! I wasn’t sure if I was having a mild heart attack...dead serious.*** I go to the hospital 2x a week , I see VARIOUS age groups in there. They’re trying their best to handle it , but don’t go to the hospital unless you think you need to. Dont make the mistake of thinking YOU CAN JUST DRIVE to the ER if you’re physically compromised. I did make that mistake , I almost couldn’t drive period.... (live 3.5 miles away from the hospital ). This didn’t feel like a normal flu , although , I’m lucky to have quite the mild case...comparatively. Took about 6-days to get through the worst stuff. Lingered around for another 6-7-days do I think I’m immune now ? No , no , I do not. do I wear my mask ? Yes.
  2. Exactly... I got time strapped + working longer hours which led to = buyIng A new pos instead of finding a fixable (relatively) used one. yup ! Love them for what they are
  3. what exactly broke on it ? no spark ? burned valve ? clogged/bad carb ? scored cylinder/walls/puking oil ? broken cable ? Intermittent ignition switch/solenoid ? Belt or hookup somewhere broken ? sometimes good used engines can be had for reasonable price or a new one... understandable if you don’t want to dunk with it though. non-ethanol truly is the way to go like WaynI said IF you can find it. Use to be 8-9 miles down the road from me for .10 cents a gallon more. Now it’s really expensive in the area I live in now (last checked I could be wrong idk). I have a $2300.00 John Deere zero turn z335e Briggs and Stratton 20hp pressurized oil riding mower. Engine Works fine. Not sure I’d buy it again , but there’s nothing *wrong* with it so far...Kinda spendy , not worth it if you don’t NEED or WANT a zero turn. father in laws several 20-35 year old riding mowers all have Briggs , both use oil , pour more in , fire them up , keep mowing. I kinda feel All suggestions would be based on a price range-ish
  4. I still think people would do this even if they had 1-years savings and 1-years food storage The public sucks
  5. The “ v for vendetta mask “ to the left takes the cake....
  6. Thanks man .! ..Hoping everyone stays safe indeed !!
  7. If you do use "the right stuff" on anything...read the directions..... it's not quite like the traditional shitty RTV crap....
  8. Unfortunately ....Pretty much much the truth ^^^ more or less.....on a wide spectrum Yet....it's China....🤔 Sister in law caught c o r o n a ....felt sick for three weeks ....works from home when she can per her company....other than a HIGH FEVER.....mild symptoms ....she is still sick ! my brother caught it as well as he lives with her ....mild symptoms.....other than high fever....still sick Both WA residents , she tested positive...either way was told to self quarantine
  9. Is it a stock height/tire Tacoma ? I doubt the lines got switched accidentslly.... Going through several pumps in a row doesn't make sense either.... May or may not be related. ...There is lots of mentioning of the steering intermediate shaft (between steering wheel and rack) u-joints failing and causing issues on Tacomas. I really haven't had personal experience with that. People were describing some binding , resistance , etc symptoms. Vvv Link below vvv https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/2nd-gen-lower-steering-shaft-rebuild-diy.543377/ Rack shouldn't be moist...I'd investigate that if it were mine. I've seen racks fail on older Tacoma and tundras Hopefully truck wasn't abused in 4x4 mode ....puddles/mud/etc....before your dad took possession
  10. Like mentioned above , check everything. Just a fun example rrlated or not. Lost my front *stick on* passenger wheel weights on the 260hp Acura coupe 2-summers ago. It vibrated or showed upt times @75-85mph range about 2-5% ? of the trip off and on when it chose to.. in waves.. harsher vibrations to soft....while driving through several states back to California. Im pretty sure the weights fell off while i was driving that trip at some point when the issue occurred but have no idea when. Pulled into a tire shop when i spotted one through either nevada or utah ? Idk. Tires were @ 70% tread yokohama something something shitty series. Had my wheels balanced , and Rotated....never had that problem again. Everyone I know that has a new Tacoma has no complaints....they all love them..... Once a Tacoma guy.....almost always a Tacoma guy.... If you do get one....change the atf regularly..... I love my tundra , and use it for a truck when I need it (last tow/haul was 6.5 tons of river rock over several trips) He'll I've towed cars , boats, moved people , loaded it up with wood , insulation , steel , blah blah blah no regrets. Other than that....the Tundra sits.....I drive my acura....when Im not driving the company truck
  11. Please don't think I'm trying to be an ass... I have no idea what is what or what your car actually is doing ....in person.....so im writing info down below... Do the simple things that don't cost anything first..... K.I.S.S Firstly....some people will complain about a very small small thing happening as a symptom to their car.....while others like..... nanners..... will mob down the freeway with broken belts on all 4 of his tires eating cotton candy not giving a shot Cuz.....datsun..... How many miles on the car ??? How much money or maintenance or work does the car truly receive r??? (Be honedt) How do you KNOW it has a badly warped rotor ??? I don't see any mentioning of torque-ing the wheels correctly...or what torque you set them to..... I use to work on"maintain a fleet of Isuzu of Isuzu nor diesel trucks.....torque the wheels unevenly....they'd let you know....while driving.... I can't count the number of times someone would tighten a wheel without a torque wrench and think they did nothing wrong..... I've seen people torque wheel nuts up to what feels like 150ft lbs on two lug nuts and the rest about 80-100 ft lbs....on passenger cars.....that.... can slightly funk up the feel of the car alone.....whilst driving.... When is the last time the car had its aljgnment/ball joints/etc inspected ? If tire wear is uneven....or tires nearing replacement at the end of life can cause issues.... Did you hit something such as a curb or pothole with the car ??? Do any of the tires have some budge anywhere on the tires ??? Do you have a broken belt in the tire ??? Bent rim ??? When's the last time the tire balance was checked...? Tires nearing the end of their life will feel differenthe than new tires..... Not ALL tires are created equal ....when new especially...... Some are not the greatest.... from the beginning and make it tough on the installer to balance perfectly Replaced shocks at all ? Inspect related while there Cv-joints...?inboard and outboard joints on the cv-joints.....have you inspected them ??? Cv-joints can be calm and quiet then snap ....?cause vibrations or clicking whilst driving.... Look under the car...?Is there a torn boot or grease flung everywhere on the undercarriage/suspension area ?? Check the wheel bearings lately ??? Definitely look at those or test/look for symptoms if you have the ability...... Wheel bearings (or related tlo) can cause issues...... Wheel bearings.....I've done a few on Toyota cars and trucks...... Lastly..... Also....you have a TSB out for transmission issues for 2012-2014 camrys.... Toyota is citing your car ecm has a glitch , and the torque converter/clutch/related items can have issues 5-year / 60,000 miles it's covered allegedly..... If you truly think this is the case....or is related... get your documentation done at the dealership and the ballike rolling on them reprogramming your car, and/or if your lucky fixing the torque converter issue for free.....if you're lucky ! I'd probably carefully lookup all TSB'set on your vehicle...document and save the numbers..... Both my wife's 2010 corolla and my 2016 tundra use the WS Toyota atf...... Personal opinion......I change mine.....drain and fill.....about every 10,000 miles....15,000 miles at most.... Toyota says it's a lifetime fluid.....I don't believe it.....but have seen a few go on the fluid without maintenance for a long time..... Again..... I just like to change my fluid.....as maintenance..... Check what you can yourself before going to the dealership and getting charged for it...... Got any pics ??
  12. Mine ollz was ruined...to....filing a grievance shortly... lolz Top Darwin contender....seriously don't funk with guns...staged or not....
  13. My sister in law was" told" she has the Corona virus via doctors , and to go home/self quarantine. I really can't confirm this as I wasn't there and she feels like shit.. She describes the fever as nothing like the flu , and almost like pneumonia on steroids. My old neighbors are both sick , and went to the hospital. They couldn't get officially tested for Corona, so they were examined tested for everything else. Once the results were in , the doctors said they need to quarantine themselves as its a high probability that they have coronac since all else was ruled out. Im sure medical staff are saying that to a lot of suspected but not confirmed cases. Both describe it as awful, but they are older people... (50's-60's). I also believe discussing the economic impact should be relevant and included in this thread. Just yesterday, I heard both my brother in laws were laid off immediately. Encouraged to FILE for unemployment immediately. People are scared for their jobs. I even walked across the street to talk to one......just one neighbor.....she knows 10 different people that are laid off for the foreseeable future. My company believes well be working as a skeleton crew until next summer...., we are structuring to do so if need be.....worst case scenario thing..... The spread/speed of this virus , the effect on our economy , and the fallout of all things related is all still in its infancy. Over-reaction , knee-jerk reaction or not , these events are hapoening.... ***The area in which I live , was just ordered into a "shelter in place" until 3/31/2020. *** My vote , Keep the thread open , opinions are opinions.
  14. Well , yesterday , sucked , had to lay off 3 employee's per my marching orders. I talked briefly to other business'school in our complex. I didn't like hearing that at least 1/3 of them were planning to take the same steps/strides..... I'm expecting to stop working at some point.... or slow to a crawl...... just.not sure when...... This is no good , I really hope the economy doesn't suffer long term
  15. "Just in case".......for the Asian tranny porn......what the Mrs datzen doesn't know,.,..doesn't hurt her......ammmm iiiiii riiigghhhhhtttt ???
  16. Yeah...^^^^^.....I really didn't want to go on one ^^^ ....but alas....I.....went on one for our....honeymoon.............but..,....... fawk......if you're a red blooded single male........you get to see Thai, Swedish, Phillipino, argentianian , blah blah blah ingredients from all over the fucking world..... instead of just my regular rub one out to vfr's game saving post ass contributions ( God bless you my son......God bless you.....)....... uhhhhhhhh I might have been thinking out loud slightly there......nothing to see here ...... Word of advice......take air freshener with you....... or face exile....... like nanners....to his trendy mini home shipping container outback.....for "storage".... Back on topic.....Costco .....around me .....typically run out of bottled water by 3pm they say......so they say There are people blocking pallets of water , having groups in their party put it on their cart asap..... Watched people taking picture of mountains of bottled water they purchased just minutes ago out front of costco... Watched people try to SELL bottled water by the bottle outside Costco entrance/exits....awesome..... Covid19 is supposedly within 1-hour of me down the highway..? A Nurse told me not all hand sanitizer is created equal , and some might be considered useless to a medical professional... I really don't know though.... We have food storage in my house....long and short term.....well before this..... Well....what can I say.......the world is awesome....... In my career.....customers and coworkers alike only want to talk about this virus
  17. Cuzamerika? Lol I hope your wife doesn't foot the bill for the company car....funk that if that's the case.....and since it's a VW....Id'd be really surprised that's all that would be wrong with it .....going into the shop and making it out alive.....that's a wet fucking dream for a vw.... to make it out of the shop alive without being parted out or sold......or catch on fire randomly........if it was a legitimate inspection/diagnosis/shop.. of course there are .....the Grey area..... legal crooks everywhere in every single industry , not just mechanics , or jdm510.....
  18. Noice ! Good to hear she's back in the race man ! How many miles on it ? I maybe....doing a timing belt/WP kit on a tundra 4.7 next week. Though......I really don't want to right now..... haha.
  19. Thanks , My Android tablet maybe the problem , wanted me to list the reason for editing before proceeding to edit, weird , blaming it on it. Never had it do this before , but I don't post much anymore in general Cheers
  20. Why do I have to provide a "reason to edit" to edit my own post on Ratsun ?
  21. I was suggesting that I replace the tensioner each time I do a major t-belt service as personal preference. Never said it was your issue here. Good , which is why I suggested that above on my response ^^^^ on the sprocket position/orientation. Hey at least you found your problem. ...It'll work , that's how a lot of timing belts are orientated. Its the way my Acura is to. Good luck....
  22. ^^^ After reading this, I'd go back and check the torque on each fastener touched ....parts as well....first before looking at other avenues before blaming on a new problem. Seems like the problem came on quite suddenly ? Good luck man
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