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  1. So the reason for 178 is because I don't have an Olympic bar. I have a cheap shitty bar, and because I've cobbled a home gym together over the last couple years, I use Datsun flywheels for the bulk of the weight. Datsun flywheels fit a non-Olympic bar quite nicely. The scalloped ones are 22 pounds, the heavier full ones are 28 pounds. And because the bar is a tiny stick bar, it only weighs 18 pounds. Buying weights it's about a buck a pound for the nice ones. But I have a crapload of Datsun flywheels, so there you go. 😉
  2. You're right, it IS just the internet. Which I why I really don't care. Both those two can keep letting their mouths write checks their asses can't cash. I'm sure there will be a Datsun meet sometime later after covid that we'll all be at. It'll be interesting to see how that goes.
  3. Yeah, that's actually Flatcat, not me. I, on the other hand, bench 178 and curl 40 lbs each arm. So if you and fat bananahammuck want to try me, be my guest.
  4. Venting and crying are two different things. Not to mention there are a lot of asshat racists here and everywhere else in life. What really ticked me off was trying to have an intelligent conversation with you and a few others was like trying to explain mechanics to a 3 year old. I also don't know what an SJW is, sorry there, not millennial enough. I'm not sure what you mean about anonymously, I'm still using the same handle I used on all the forums I've been on. Must be hiding in plain sight? All I ever asked was for people to be civil when discussing topics related to politi
  5. Actually, I left because everyone dragged politics into every thread imaginable and it was annoying as fuck. I prefer not having politics in Datsun forums, but since it's been resurrected here, don't think I don't relish poking the bear. And it looks to me like you're the cry baby bitch since you can't accept facts. Like the fact that Biden won. FACT. Do you need help understanding that? It's called an election. People vote. Whoever gets the most electoral college votes win. Pretty simple, really.
  6. Pssssst.....hey......guess what? MY FONT IS BIGGEST, BIDEN WON!! 😄 Oh, and here's a good article about those suitcases. Keep grasping at straws though. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election-2020/georgia-suitcase-video-ballots-trump-b1766363.html
  7. So every court Trump has approached has dismissed the lawsuits for LACK OF EVIDENCE. Just because you want it to be true, doesn't make it true. This Trump failure to recognize his loss reminds me of the 6 months Hillary spent bitching and blaming people for how she possibly couldn't have won. The shoe's on the other foot now, no one mentioned fraudulent election results in 2016. Hmmm. I love it how everyone is jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon of something incredibly wrong and unfair about our elections, when in reality, there was probably less than 1% margin of error and in
  8. All I gotta say is my covid test result isn't back and I'm annoyed. So choke on this mofos! 😉
  9. I don't discount Newsmax, hadn't even heard about it until 2 or 3 weeks ago. I checked it out, I file it under the margin of truth I trust all news outlets with. There are always 2 sides to every story. As for guns, they aren't going to ban guns. And if they ban assault weapons, so what? I know that will anger some of you, but I don't need an AR15. I can kill just fine with a deer rifle, or the .45, or the shotgun. I'm a better shot than most, so I'm not worried about it. And even IF they did ban weapons, what one of you is going to turn them into the cops? Fuck that, I'll
  10. It's a great movie, isn't it? One of my favorites. And Mattndew, no, I don't watch Newsmax. But really, if there are all these deep state operatives and alternate main stream media choices, then clearly, nothing at all is objective. And now, I'm tired, going to bed. Plenty of other things to worry about in life than politics. And Tr8r, I own guns too. At least Biden hunts. I think even with the senility, you put Biden in a boxing match with Trump, Biden would win, hands down. Just sayin' Though Trump might be an ear biter...
  11. It seems by that statement you're the one who has written off anything outside your comfort zone. So if you read it all, how is that different how I read it all?
  12. Trump gave the media all the ammunition they needed. He continually lies and is bad at it. He's been a con man all his life. How many times has he declared bankruptcy before he became president? Like 6? Trump is EXACTLY the kind of person you don't want in a management roll. He's a bully, he yells to get his way. He makes bullshit promises day after day, and when those don't work, he tries to play it off like he was joking. I have a really good bullshit filter, can see those scam artists coming a mile away. All I hear and see from Trump from the last 4 years is the arguments of a flim-
  13. Then explain to me how so far two or three Trump appointed judges have said exactly that. No evidence. Just because you say it's fraud, doesn't make it fraud. Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson have also said there's no giant bombshell. Trump and his lawyers promised a gigantic bombshell of evidence that there was a massive plot akin to Spectre in James Bond. But there isn't any. Yes, there is bound to be some screwups in the voting process. However, not enough to effect the outcome, which was, Biden won. Period. It used to be people remembered the old adag
  14. Four years ago: Left wing radicals chanting in the streets with "Not my president" and doing all sorts of stupid stuff and rioting while clearly ignoring Trump won the election. Now: Right wing radicals screaming "Stop the steal, kill the traitors, the election was rigged!" without a shred of evidence, save for crackpot conspiracy theories. Those who are so blinded by ignorance and anger make no difference to which side they claim. They're all scared, insecure people, each trying to out-yell, or one-up their alleged evil-doing foes. I see zero
  15. At least you're in your garage! It's too hot here. Supposed to be 103 tomorrow, 104 the next day. Joy of joys. Plus, the FPR adventure turned into a fuel rail removal due to stripped #2 phillips on the rear regulator. So I sent out the injectors for ultrasonic cleaning and flow testing. Should have them back early next week I think. Got the truck scheduled for dyno time today too to make use of the newly assembled Megasquirt ECU. No power there, just old tired KADE, but eventually it may have a snail added.
  16. Fuck me, you all need to stop bitching on the internet and go work on your Datsuns. Here's some music to calm your asses down:
  17. No, Nissan FPRs are not all the same. However, doing my research on the Aussie RB FSM pdf, fuel pressure is 42.67 psi, so 43 psi for the RB20DET. Found the NA SR20 stateside is also 43 psi and has about the same curvature of line, and hopefully same two bolt attachment point and o-ring fitting. So I ordered that in. The forward FPR (two on RB20s) is a straight version, and I found a KA D21 FPR is the same ONLY for the California model. It's 43 psi. Regular version is 45 psi. Whether that's a typo or not I'm not sure, but they are physically different. So I'll get that one too. I would
  18. Wow, yep, this is why I left. Thought politics weren't allowed any more? I, for one, am more concerned with the leaking fuel pressure regulator on my RB. That should be solved tomorrow. If more people went and worked on their Datsuns, America would be a better place.
  19. Yeah, poor Len. That sucks. Karen gave Regy his 510, so at least that went to a good home. Think he's going to leave it the way it was.
  20. I'm going to be putting a passenger seat in it after I get all the peripherals sorted. Next time you're in Spokane after this coronavirus mess, you should get a ride. 😉 It's a bit faster than Ugly Betty. And potential for easily more hp with moderate fiddling. It is rather loud inside, but oh well. On the run the other day I had a group of walkers I had blasted pass waving their arms in a circle, wanting more when I came back around. 😄 It was awesome. I obliged them 2nd and 3rd gear.
  21. Just to finish this, I'll leave this here. Motec screwdriver ecu, car runs pretty well. Need to do some more stuff to her, but alive after only 4 years hiatus.
  22. I love how all the people fighting have to keep pulling up their pants. Poor (insert race here) trash. It's been calmer up north.
  23. You know I have 236,075 on the truck now. Same DE, it went in with 116k at 188k miles. So that's 164k on the engine now. Still needs better management, still haven't done it. She starts and runs every day, so meh. Eventually I'll get around to it.
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