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  1. got my time off approved today... can only afford to take saturday and sunday off, so ill probably be doin a solo run up on that friday after work.. lookin forward to seein everyone this year..
  2. well i got it figured out.. took the multi meter to it and found out the trailing coil was only getting 2 volts on the power side. tested and did a jump from the battery to the coil and it started working. decided to just share the 12v from the leading coil for the trailing coil and it works great now.
  3. okie dokie, so im still workin on this issue. replaced the module today, but the trailing set still dont fire.. made a new tool.. got the junkyard one freed up from the advance plate... had to modify it a little bit.. to get this bastard off without breaking it.. all that and still isnt working and no new ways to isolate it further that i can think of... help!?
  4. nah, unfortunately it went to the scrap yard... the previous owner didnt know what a pickle fork was, and bashed every balljoint and tierod thread with the hammer. i couldnt find affordable parts for it, so i chucked it.
  5. huh... been a minute... updated the threads...... lolz

  6. back from the dead... again... getting back to work on this little thing.. the wife and i bought a house, so its in its new home. time is making itself more prevalent here in the past weekends.. ive been chiseling away little house projects and yard work and now can take some time for this thing.. so, im pickin up where i left off with the crossmember. ive almost finished drilling the holes to mount the crossmember to the car. next is figuring out how to mount the tension rod brackets. and then the strut towers after that. angelias happy im workin on it again.. lol anyone notice anythin about this picture? hee hee.... back with more here soon.
  7. well time for an update.. gotta dig back a way on my phone to find pics and whatnot... lol truck did fine for the canby trip. only thing that happened truck wise, was i left the oil cap off when i left the gas station once.. but that was right as we left so it wasnt bad. the tags on it are expired again as of the end of october, so i need to get that registered. but i was gonna chuck some gas in it and get the go pro out and get a new video here today.. guess the big thing thats been holding up most of the updates was i moved again.. bought a house actually.. its quite good to have a place of your own. finally settling in after the move and whatnot, so ive had a little time here and there to work on the truck. i cleaned and re-hung the door panels on the 620.. turned out pretty good.. umm, what else.... i cleaned up the frontend a bit.. deleted the high beam buckets. some fresh paint. new screws for the grille. thats really about it for the 620... ive been putting a bit of time into this guy.... 85 720, z24 5 speed 4wd.. got it for $700 and it just needed a headgasket.. angelia and i have been goofin off with the 720 for the last couple weekends.. that and ive been doing yard work like a mofo too.. the 720 is super handy for trips to the dump. we just power raked and leveled out the front yard at the new place to put down new seed, and we took almost a tons worth of material out. thats aboot all for now i suppose.. heres a few newer pictures...
  8. yeah i noticed the other day i hadnt updated since before canby...
  9. No white wire like you explain. Ive got 4 wires from the module that terminate at a 4 or 6 pin connector. There's a ground that connects on the outside of the case on the distributor. Ours doesn't have the eyelet ends like that pic.
  10. wife and i picked up an 85 720. runs well, but only on the primary coil. sooo, what would make just the primary run? the secondary coil is good. swapped it with the primary and it ran. the fuse in the #1 spot on the fuse box is fine. all the connections from the distributor to the coils is correct, and it seems to be right to the ecc... what does that ecc box do in this whole mix? any help would be awesome.. thanks
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