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  1. What in the actual fuck? I didn't think hick-hop had gone that far north. Think I'll just leave this here. Dee Snider rules. Spongebob is a more serious frontman than those two, and probably smarter.
  2. Thanks fellas! I got confirmation yesterday that Jacob (not sure which one) had a spare stick and was only 5 minutes away. This is for a customer I built the L20B and dogleg conversion for quite a few years ago. He called me up, I told him to get on here. I'm amazed the ball broke off, never seen that happen, though I did notice the pivot bushings seemed to be gone. They were there when the conversion was done. That dogleg was actually the one in the orange 510 I used to rip around town.
  3. Been watching this lately, pretty good 4wd show.
  4. Time Left: 7 days and 1 hour

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    NO, THE TRUCK IS NOT FOR SALE. Long gone. This transmission was for that truck, for reference. Ok fellas, a lot of you know I've been sitting on this transmission for a while. I need to offset some wagon costs, which means, I'm going to lose my shirt on this trans! It's an '88 300zx VG30 front case half, with a D21 2wd rear tailshaft. Will fit in 86-97 VG30 trucks, and should fit in all 510,610 what have you vehicles, the D21 tail isn't that large. I paid $900 to have this rebuilt for the white autocross truck in 2013. Anyway, never got around to VG swapping the hardbody, and then sold it, so I still have the transmission which has been mothballed in the basement the whole time. Dry 60 degrees year round. Rebuilt by Chuck's Gear in Chattaroy. Take it off my hands! $500 bones for anyone with cashola! Would even work behind VH45s with an adapter! I do not know if it's short or tall gears. If you are interested, I'm sure Datzenmike could provide gear tables and I could go turn the driveshaft and count input shaft turns or whatnot. Or you can change the rear end gears. Either way, it's a nice rebuilt tranny for dirt cheap. In Spokane. Prefer local pickup, will ship for additional fee. -Matt fasterdatsun@gmail.com


    Spokane, Washington - US

  5. HRH

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    Whoops, late post, I see it's already up there. For some reason my browser hadn't updated.
  6. HRH

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT: Hello to all our past and present Datsuns Northwest members and Datsun community in general. For the past 13 years Datsuns Northwest and crew have enjoyed a great time putting on many Datsun events like BBQ's, cruises, parties and of course, Canby, our 3 day campout car show. Canby has been a unique car experience to the Northwest Datsun community, with many great friends and memories made throughout the years. That being said, it is with great displeasure that we have to announce, Datsuns Northwest has closed it's doors. We are packing it in. Canby will be no more. Dave and Julie did a great job running the show for the first ten years, then Steven took the reins for the last three years and had great success bringing Datsun racing icons, John Morton and Peter Brock to our show. These last three years were some of the best yet. Thanks to Steven's leadership, we can be proud to say, Datsuns Northwest, and the Canby show is leaving on a very high note. Datsuns Northwest will be donating all of our leftover funds, shirts, sweat shirts and any other supplies to the people of Paradise, California to help them after their tragic 2018 wildfires. Thank you to all the Datsuns Northwest members and volunteers that helped keep us going for 13 years. Thank you to all the hard core Datsun owners, from all over the world, for supporting us and the Canby show all these years! Make sure to check our website occasionally, as we will be continuing to do cruises and get togethers in this coming year. I'd say it's time to start looking for alternate sites.
  7. Indeed a sad thing, Len never seemed in poor health all the times I'd met him. He reminded me of an older version of Wayno. Always a smile and Datsun stories for miles. His herd of cars will be thinned, Regy may buy his 510 if Karen options it. Len had a lot of interesting things squirreled away which will be put up on ebay or whatever. For those of you who didn't know, Len was the longtime hired hand of Lord's Valley farms in Sprague/Harrington. He will be missed.
  8. Dave would be more pissed his parts didn't get put to use on Datsuns and ended up in the scrap yard. Don't feel bad, just offer a fair price for what you need. You'll help the family clean out his horde, which I'm sure is worse than my garage for random stuff only Datsun nuts would know what to do with. And mine's chock full of stuff I will probably never use.
  9. Did Dave still have the gray Maxima sedan? Are there any Maxima parts? If he had any front fenders squirreled away, I would gladly buy them. Hard to find.
  10. I met Dave at the first Canby I went to I think, in '09, maybe it was '11. Can't remember exactly. I wrote something about him I posted on facebook this morning while processing the news, since have posted it on NWDatsuns as well. I can't think of anyone who left more of an impact on me while knowing him so briefly. Pumpkin was the kind of guy who was always accepting. I hadn't talked to him in probably 2 years or so, but I know if I had called him up randomly, we'd bullshit and if we were close we'd swing by and see each other and kick it. I remember when he drove the grey Maxima wagon by my place after he had gotten it. Just random, happened to be in Spokane for something or other. I wasn't his close friend, but he made you feel like you had known each other for ages. So many good times at Canby, always wondering what the next nutty thing he would drag out, like the fishing line attached to the wheel hub on the birdshit goon, lol. And I know if he saw me in tears on the couch, he'd stop by with clown shoes on or something and make my ass laugh.For someone I rarely see, I'm really going to miss him. Also, Johnny is making memorial stickers for $10 proceeds less cost of manufacturing go to Dave's family.
  11. HRH

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    Wynona and I are in Detroit. Be there in a few hours. Have flatcat swag for a couple of people.
  12. For the record, I didn't like Hillary. I just don't like Trump a lot more. Lesser of two evils. As for my departure, I got tired of assholes dragging up the election just to stir the pot at every possible moment. In every possible thread. As for Diego's personal views that came to light during that time, I don't care for them, and I don't have a very high opinion of him. I'll be civil and leave it at that. The only reason I even saw this thread was someone else sent me a link for it. I'm on lunch and very soon going back to not caring a whit what happens on Ratsun. I have lots of other more important things to attend to.
  13. Yeah, you definitely need to get those rubber lines hooked up. Otherwise the caliper can't properly float, so it stresses the line every time you brake. Much less pulls it to the inside as opposed to grabbing it from both sides. It shouldn't be too hard to put on. If I remember right, I switched the lines to standard 3/16 (3/8-24) thread by means of an adapter, so you may need to undo that and go back to metric. Caliper is metric 10x1 fitting I'm sure. I think I changed that because at the time, trying to find metric brake line was annoying me. Which is easy now, I imagine I just got a wild hair up my butt, or figured if I broke down in pigs knuckle Arkansas, they'd have SAE line, but not metric. Anyway, just get some rubber line sections, there should be attachment points on those crossmembers. They're also welded with strengthening plates as I had planned to rally that car. So don't throw away those rear control arms. You may also need to do bearings in them, and maybe the diff. This video was the LZ20 long rod I built. That motor was awesome, wish I hadn't destroyed it. I'd build another in a heartbeat. Tons of torque and revved out great. Think it was a 2.1 liter with the extra rod length and higher piston pin height. I have some old pictures of her when she first arrived at my house with the bent control arm, but I don't feel like trying to find a place to upload them right now. I've long since not paid attention to photobucket. ;) She was rattle-canned black when I got her on stock wheels with a stock L16 and a bent rear control arm. Same place that crush is in the C pillar. Not me, some kids in the parking lot hit a light pole prior to my owning it.
  14. Dude! I'm so glad you got her back on the road! She looks great! I'm sure I mentioned this, but I hope you fixed my screw up on the rear brakes with no rubber lines. Looks like Eleanor is having some fun again! If you make it up to Washington, I still have a few parts leftover, and I'm pretty sure the rear seat is up in my rafters somewhere. ;)
  15. ^rofl. Actually I hadn't browsed ratsun in 3 or 4 months, figured I should check back and see if things were still about the same. I'm enjoying my self-imposed exile, but dammit, that was too good a post not to respond, so now I've done 2 posts in 6 months. Dammit! (I see what you did there.)
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