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  1. At least you're in your garage! It's too hot here. Supposed to be 103 tomorrow, 104 the next day. Joy of joys. Plus, the FPR adventure turned into a fuel rail removal due to stripped #2 phillips on the rear regulator. So I sent out the injectors for ultrasonic cleaning and flow testing. Should have them back early next week I think. Got the truck scheduled for dyno time today too to make use of the newly assembled Megasquirt ECU. No power there, just old tired KADE, but eventually it may have a snail added.
  2. Fuck me, you all need to stop bitching on the internet and go work on your Datsuns. Here's some music to calm your asses down:
  3. No, Nissan FPRs are not all the same. However, doing my research on the Aussie RB FSM pdf, fuel pressure is 42.67 psi, so 43 psi for the RB20DET. Found the NA SR20 stateside is also 43 psi and has about the same curvature of line, and hopefully same two bolt attachment point and o-ring fitting. So I ordered that in. The forward FPR (two on RB20s) is a straight version, and I found a KA D21 FPR is the same ONLY for the California model. It's 43 psi. Regular version is 45 psi. Whether that's a typo or not I'm not sure, but they are physically different. So I'll get that one too. I would prefer to make a one-regulator system, but I'm trying to keep the RB bone stock so I don't have issues, and there's a reason they used two. I'm not sure what that is yet, but I have faith in the Nissan engineers. Plus, if this works, it's a 30 minute fix, vs. block of plates, re-routing, finding a spot for an aftermarket regulator, etc. If I was going for mods, I'd be all over it. But the wagon needs to be a reliable daily. Stock it is. 210-220 hp is plenty for a 910 wagon. Though I will say the RB20 has zero power when it's not in boost. Once boost hits, oh baby it's nice!
  4. Wow, yep, this is why I left. Thought politics weren't allowed any more? I, for one, am more concerned with the leaking fuel pressure regulator on my RB. That should be solved tomorrow. If more people went and worked on their Datsuns, America would be a better place.
  5. Yeah, poor Len. That sucks. Karen gave Regy his 510, so at least that went to a good home. Think he's going to leave it the way it was.
  6. I'm going to be putting a passenger seat in it after I get all the peripherals sorted. Next time you're in Spokane after this coronavirus mess, you should get a ride. 😉 It's a bit faster than Ugly Betty. And potential for easily more hp with moderate fiddling. It is rather loud inside, but oh well. On the run the other day I had a group of walkers I had blasted pass waving their arms in a circle, wanting more when I came back around. 😄 It was awesome. I obliged them 2nd and 3rd gear.
  7. Just to finish this, I'll leave this here. Motec screwdriver ecu, car runs pretty well. Need to do some more stuff to her, but alive after only 4 years hiatus.
  8. I love how all the people fighting have to keep pulling up their pants. Poor (insert race here) trash. It's been calmer up north.
  9. You know I have 236,075 on the truck now. Same DE, it went in with 116k at 188k miles. So that's 164k on the engine now. Still needs better management, still haven't done it. She starts and runs every day, so meh. Eventually I'll get around to it.
  10. My Safeway store TP aisle is bare as well. Good news is they haven't started hoarding gloves. I was able to get an entire box of black nitrile gloves at my local NAPA. Woohoo! And I actually needed them! I made this yesterday: 😉
  11. What in the actual fuck? I didn't think hick-hop had gone that far north. Think I'll just leave this here. Dee Snider rules. Spongebob is a more serious frontman than those two, and probably smarter.
  12. Thanks fellas! I got confirmation yesterday that Jacob (not sure which one) had a spare stick and was only 5 minutes away. This is for a customer I built the L20B and dogleg conversion for quite a few years ago. He called me up, I told him to get on here. I'm amazed the ball broke off, never seen that happen, though I did notice the pivot bushings seemed to be gone. They were there when the conversion was done. That dogleg was actually the one in the orange 510 I used to rip around town.
  13. Been watching this lately, pretty good 4wd show.
  14. Time Left: 10 days and 6 hours

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    NO, THE TRUCK IS NOT FOR SALE. Long gone. This transmission was for that truck, for reference. Ok fellas, a lot of you know I've been sitting on this transmission for a while. I need to offset some wagon costs, which means, I'm going to lose my shirt on this trans! It's an '88 300zx VG30 front case half, with a D21 2wd rear tailshaft. Will fit in 86-97 VG30 trucks, and should fit in all 510,610 what have you vehicles, the D21 tail isn't that large. I paid $900 to have this rebuilt for the white autocross truck in 2013. Anyway, never got around to VG swapping the hardbody, and then sold it, so I still have the transmission which has been mothballed in the basement the whole time. Dry 60 degrees year round. Rebuilt by Chuck's Gear in Chattaroy. Take it off my hands! $500 bones for anyone with cashola! Would even work behind VH45s with an adapter! I do not know if it's short or tall gears. If you are interested, I'm sure Datzenmike could provide gear tables and I could go turn the driveshaft and count input shaft turns or whatnot. Or you can change the rear end gears. Either way, it's a nice rebuilt tranny for dirt cheap. In Spokane. Prefer local pickup, will ship for additional fee. -Matt fasterdatsun@gmail.com


    Spokane, Washington - US

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