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  1. HRH

    Len Robertson

    Indeed a sad thing, Len never seemed in poor health all the times I'd met him. He reminded me of an older version of Wayno. Always a smile and Datsun stories for miles. His herd of cars will be thinned, Regy may buy his 510 if Karen options it. Len had a lot of interesting things squirreled away which will be put up on ebay or whatever. For those of you who didn't know, Len was the longtime hired hand of Lord's Valley farms in Sprague/Harrington. He will be missed.
  2. Dave would be more pissed his parts didn't get put to use on Datsuns and ended up in the scrap yard. Don't feel bad, just offer a fair price for what you need. You'll help the family clean out his horde, which I'm sure is worse than my garage for random stuff only Datsun nuts would know what to do with. And mine's chock full of stuff I will probably never use.
  3. Did Dave still have the gray Maxima sedan? Are there any Maxima parts? If he had any front fenders squirreled away, I would gladly buy them. Hard to find.
  4. HRH

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    I met Dave at the first Canby I went to I think, in '09, maybe it was '11. Can't remember exactly. I wrote something about him I posted on facebook this morning while processing the news, since have posted it on NWDatsuns as well. I can't think of anyone who left more of an impact on me while knowing him so briefly. Pumpkin was the kind of guy who was always accepting. I hadn't talked to him in probably 2 years or so, but I know if I had called him up randomly, we'd bullshit and if we were close we'd swing by and see each other and kick it. I remember when he drove the grey Maxima wagon by my place after he had gotten it. Just random, happened to be in Spokane for something or other. I wasn't his close friend, but he made you feel like you had known each other for ages. So many good times at Canby, always wondering what the next nutty thing he would drag out, like the fishing line attached to the wheel hub on the birdshit goon, lol. And I know if he saw me in tears on the couch, he'd stop by with clown shoes on or something and make my ass laugh.For someone I rarely see, I'm really going to miss him. Also, Johnny is making memorial stickers for $10 proceeds less cost of manufacturing go to Dave's family.
  5. HRH

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    Wynona and I are in Detroit. Be there in a few hours. Have flatcat swag for a couple of people.
  6. HRH

    What happened to Ko?

    For the record, I didn't like Hillary. I just don't like Trump a lot more. Lesser of two evils. As for my departure, I got tired of assholes dragging up the election just to stir the pot at every possible moment. In every possible thread. As for Diego's personal views that came to light during that time, I don't care for them, and I don't have a very high opinion of him. I'll be civil and leave it at that. The only reason I even saw this thread was someone else sent me a link for it. I'm on lunch and very soon going back to not caring a whit what happens on Ratsun. I have lots of other more important things to attend to.
  7. HRH

    Its only a 4door......

    Yeah, you definitely need to get those rubber lines hooked up. Otherwise the caliper can't properly float, so it stresses the line every time you brake. Much less pulls it to the inside as opposed to grabbing it from both sides. It shouldn't be too hard to put on. If I remember right, I switched the lines to standard 3/16 (3/8-24) thread by means of an adapter, so you may need to undo that and go back to metric. Caliper is metric 10x1 fitting I'm sure. I think I changed that because at the time, trying to find metric brake line was annoying me. Which is easy now, I imagine I just got a wild hair up my butt, or figured if I broke down in pigs knuckle Arkansas, they'd have SAE line, but not metric. Anyway, just get some rubber line sections, there should be attachment points on those crossmembers. They're also welded with strengthening plates as I had planned to rally that car. So don't throw away those rear control arms. You may also need to do bearings in them, and maybe the diff. This video was the LZ20 long rod I built. That motor was awesome, wish I hadn't destroyed it. I'd build another in a heartbeat. Tons of torque and revved out great. Think it was a 2.1 liter with the extra rod length and higher piston pin height. I have some old pictures of her when she first arrived at my house with the bent control arm, but I don't feel like trying to find a place to upload them right now. I've long since not paid attention to photobucket. ;) She was rattle-canned black when I got her on stock wheels with a stock L16 and a bent rear control arm. Same place that crush is in the C pillar. Not me, some kids in the parking lot hit a light pole prior to my owning it.
  8. HRH

    Its only a 4door......

    Dude! I'm so glad you got her back on the road! She looks great! I'm sure I mentioned this, but I hope you fixed my screw up on the rear brakes with no rubber lines. Looks like Eleanor is having some fun again! If you make it up to Washington, I still have a few parts leftover, and I'm pretty sure the rear seat is up in my rafters somewhere. ;)
  9. HRH

    Cuz Merica

    ^rofl. Actually I hadn't browsed ratsun in 3 or 4 months, figured I should check back and see if things were still about the same. I'm enjoying my self-imposed exile, but dammit, that was too good a post not to respond, so now I've done 2 posts in 6 months. Dammit! (I see what you did there.)
  10. HRH

    Cuz Merica

    Well it looks like Ratsun is about the same as when I left. Lots o' political bullshit. And of course, those swazis are the correct way around, good luck in India and all that. Nazis changed it to clockwise rotation. Looks like I've used up my one post for the next 6 months. You all can start flinging conspiracy theories there, I'm sure someone will! Oh, almost forgot, fuck Trump even moreso than Toyota!
  11. HRH

    CANBY 2017 IT WILL BEE fun 'n stuff

    You'll have to look elsewhere for my next project, too many things going on. Sent you a pm.
  12. HRH

    CANBY 2017 IT WILL BEE fun 'n stuff

    Looks like Canby is wet this year! I'll be working on Datsun stuff tomorrow. Nice video Draker. No Canby for me, I only get one vacation this year, and that's a honeymoon.
  13. HRH

    ☆ S h a k o t a n • M a x i m a ☆

    You should be able to find generic versions of those new, or check pull and save and rob any mid-90s Nissan. Somewhere on the car will have those. May not look the same on the outside is all.
  14. HRH

    Let's try this again; flatcat's 521

    Fuck Toyota. And go for the cam! :D
  15. HRH

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    And the only appearance I'll likely make in the next 6 months is right here. To say, "Fuck Toyota." Now back to ignoring Ratsun.

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