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  1. I’m 35 and....I tested positive. Started into Double pneumonia , cold sweats , nausea , about passed out instantly more than a few times , clammy sweaty cold skin , back ached/tight , chest was bothersome overall , shortness of breath , instant sore throat , no cough or loss of sense of taste. i coulD not believe —-> HOW FAST <—— some of the symptoms came on....were talking mere ***seconds*** for some to show up ! I coughed up Small black garbage (6-7 times), brown/yellow-ish stuff mixed in with flem. Once the black stuff stopped coming out...I could
  2. Exactly... I got time strapped + working longer hours which led to = buyIng A new pos instead of finding a fixable (relatively) used one. yup ! Love them for what they are
  3. what exactly broke on it ? no spark ? burned valve ? clogged/bad carb ? scored cylinder/walls/puking oil ? broken cable ? Intermittent ignition switch/solenoid ? Belt or hookup somewhere broken ? sometimes good used engines can be had for reasonable price or a new one... understandable if you don’t want to dunk with it though. non-ethanol truly is the way to go like WaynI said IF you can find it. Use to be 8-9 miles down the road from me for .10 cents a gallon more. Now it’s really expensive in the area I live in now (last checked I could
  4. I still think people would do this even if they had 1-years savings and 1-years food storage The public sucks
  5. The “ v for vendetta mask “ to the left takes the cake....
  6. Thanks man .! ..Hoping everyone stays safe indeed !!
  7. If you do use "the right stuff" on anything...read the directions..... it's not quite like the traditional shitty RTV crap....
  8. Unfortunately ....Pretty much much the truth ^^^ more or less.....on a wide spectrum Yet....it's China....🤔 Sister in law caught c o r o n a ....felt sick for three weeks ....works from home when she can per her company....other than a HIGH FEVER.....mild symptoms ....she is still sick ! my brother caught it as well as he lives with her ....mild symptoms.....other than high fever....still sick Both WA residents , she tested positive...either way was told to self quarantine
  9. Is it a stock height/tire Tacoma ? I doubt the lines got switched accidentslly.... Going through several pumps in a row doesn't make sense either.... May or may not be related. ...There is lots of mentioning of the steering intermediate shaft (between steering wheel and rack) u-joints failing and causing issues on Tacomas. I really haven't had personal experience with that. People were describing some binding , resistance , etc symptoms. Vvv Link below vvv https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/2nd-gen-lower-steering-shaft-rebuild-diy.543
  10. Like mentioned above , check everything. Just a fun example rrlated or not. Lost my front *stick on* passenger wheel weights on the 260hp Acura coupe 2-summers ago. It vibrated or showed upt times @75-85mph range about 2-5% ? of the trip off and on when it chose to.. in waves.. harsher vibrations to soft....while driving through several states back to California. Im pretty sure the weights fell off while i was driving that trip at some point when the issue occurred but have no idea when. Pulled into a tire shop when i spotted one through either nevada or utah ? Idk. Tires were @ 7
  11. Please don't think I'm trying to be an ass... I have no idea what is what or what your car actually is doing ....in person.....so im writing info down below... Do the simple things that don't cost anything first..... K.I.S.S Firstly....some people will complain about a very small small thing happening as a symptom to their car.....while others like..... nanners..... will mob down the freeway with broken belts on all 4 of his tires eating cotton candy not giving a shot Cuz.....datsun..... How many miles on the car ??? How much money or maintenance or work
  12. Mine ollz was ruined...to....filing a grievance shortly... lolz Top Darwin contender....seriously don't funk with guns...staged or not....
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