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  1. How To —— get datzenmike into the game across the street..... steady supply of Asian tranny’s....and upgrades....hell ....even Datsun upgrades would work....... lack there of ....might make him take a knee .... in protest
  2. I'm BLUE

    Looking at a '72 Z

    I've owned a number of s30/s130's. Over the years. Had many un-solicited purchase offers , and even more compliments over (2) specific s30's. Currently no pictures/detail/condition/specs/upgrades/etc.... in this post......so I can't help..... The price people THINK they are worth is...VOLATILE ! ( be it good or bad condition ) -Zcar -Hybridz.org Make sure to do your research.........you'll enjoy it if you do get it.....
  3. Fap breaks.... alright who fapped too hard ??? ^^^^^^^ .... lightin shit on fire...... Coulda just been datzenmike lighting an S.O.S. " EH flat tire eh "... fire signal.......on a road trip....... Maybe ratsun bbq outta control or just right ? Idk
  4. Trololol , Especially when i was actually talking about the tall blond chick to the right in that pic ..... lol
  5. Um , Who started it ?
  6. It seemed to do the amazon on the far...far right some good
  7. Lol sorry i deleted all i typed.... Brpther and father have 92 and 93 f150 dual tank 5spd 300ci 6cylinder specials. Fathers front tank pump was thlught to have a problem...before i was going to change it...i de ided to just umped a bunch of GOOD injector cleaner down it....i hate pulling tanks.beds....lol....t only had one hiccup since. Ran great since then and still driving today ! Brothers rig has 298k on both original pumps...although one is noisy...lol I ^^^ Sometimes the connectprs get hot from overtime usage , so watch all your pigtails on the fuel pump before reassembly. Both rigs born and raisec i. The PNW... I believe you are correct. If your sender is ok , and you feel confident that you can zip apart your rig....id just buy a fuel pump , connector , and have some good clamps on hand. Ive done fuel pumps as a module unit itself and installing the fuel pump in the module before reinserting. Makes no matter as its your time. I'd clean the sender though... lol Or call a ford dealership to confirm the part #....you might be dead before they do though.....lol I wonder if you have some known issues or defect by design .......TSB's out on your rig ?
  8. R.I.P really sorry Lou
  9. I'm BLUE

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    Really sorry to hear paradime
  10. I'm BLUE

    contact info for member Steroid ?

    What happened ?
  11. I'm BLUE


    I don’t own any sig pistols (own a sig556xi rifle). but it’s been a pure pleasure shooting every sig pistol of friends/family members when out in the woods/range. I’d choose sig over a glock as pure preference.
  12. I'm BLUE

    2003-2004 Infiniti M45 - Anyone?

    ^^^ THIS

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