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  1. I'm BLUE

    Fram... even worse that you thought.

    (3) Toyota’s w/350,000 miles a piece on each....how many miles do you drive per year ??? I’ve seen one Ford Explorer go 268,000 miles so far on mostly frams (start of its life to current). ^^^ It’s not my vehicle either.
  2. I'm BLUE

    Fram... even worse that you thought.

    I’ve tried to warn people over the years about fram oil filters. Seems like 1/2 of them want to prove me wrong or say “ they’re just fine...how are they any different ?” More than once....After that.....I bow out..... not worth it Ok.....I was driving back on the highway/interstate from Skibs one day (years ago) after buying a hoarders delight of S30 stuff. Probably about a 45-minute drive or so one way. I heard my valves ticking on the way back , and decided I’ll adjustment them the next day. This was in a 4spd/L28/3.54/SU setup...with shifts between 2800-4000rpms MAX ! Next morning , turn the key , fired up , and heard an instant rod-knock (mind you I had parked the car in that very same spot without moving it/or firing it up in between). Turned off the key and the oil level was perfect. Spun off the oil pressure sender = barely anything came out. Changed the fram filter for another one = problem was solved. Ran good and never had the problem come back. Spun the oil pressure sender off again to confirm = good amount draining back out this time.That head was noiser thereafter but the shortblock was good/quiet. Almost ANYTHING is better than a fram. Back to working on wife’s gift
  3. I'm BLUE

    Migrating North For The Holidays

    Sounds like good times , travel safe... *Just a refresher
  4. I'm BLUE

    Looking for David aka I'm Blue.

    Thanks ! Lol , stupid house indeed !
  5. I'm BLUE

    Looking for David aka I'm Blue.

    I’m alive. Life’s been busy....hasn’t slowed down much..... I did an Odyssey Timing belt kit w/water pump/atf service/engine oil change/PSF change/tensioner bearings/brakes/etc blah blah last night... Not sure I’d be able to get the crank bolt off at all without my 1180 ft lb break-away Makita gun.... These days.... seems like I’m always working on our house/cars/irrigation sprinkler system or whatever....
  6. How To —— get datzenmike into the game across the street..... steady supply of Asian tranny’s....and upgrades....hell ....even Datsun upgrades would work....... lack there of ....might make him take a knee .... in protest
  7. I'm BLUE

    Looking at a '72 Z

    I've owned a number of s30/s130's. Over the years. Had many un-solicited purchase offers , and even more compliments over (2) specific s30's. Currently no pictures/detail/condition/specs/upgrades/etc.... in this post......so I can't help..... The price people THINK they are worth is...VOLATILE ! ( be it good or bad condition ) -Zcar -Hybridz.org Make sure to do your research.........you'll enjoy it if you do get it.....
  8. Fap breaks.... alright who fapped too hard ??? ^^^^^^^ .... lightin shit on fire...... Coulda just been datzenmike lighting an S.O.S. " EH flat tire eh "... fire signal.......on a road trip....... Maybe ratsun bbq outta control or just right ? Idk
  9. Trololol , Especially when i was actually talking about the tall blond chick to the right in that pic ..... lol
  10. Um , Who started it ?
  11. It seemed to do the amazon on the far...far right some good
  12. Lol sorry i deleted all i typed.... Brpther and father have 92 and 93 f150 dual tank 5spd 300ci 6cylinder specials. Fathers front tank pump was thlught to have a problem...before i was going to change it...i de ided to just umped a bunch of GOOD injector cleaner down it....i hate pulling tanks.beds....lol....t only had one hiccup since. Ran great since then and still driving today ! Brothers rig has 298k on both original pumps...although one is noisy...lol I ^^^ Sometimes the connectprs get hot from overtime usage , so watch all your pigtails on the fuel pump before reassembly. Both rigs born and raisec i. The PNW... I believe you are correct. If your sender is ok , and you feel confident that you can zip apart your rig....id just buy a fuel pump , connector , and have some good clamps on hand. Ive done fuel pumps as a module unit itself and installing the fuel pump in the module before reinserting. Makes no matter as its your time. I'd clean the sender though... lol Or call a ford dealership to confirm the part #....you might be dead before they do though.....lol I wonder if you have some known issues or defect by design .......TSB's out on your rig ?

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