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  1. interested in all the brake lines from the master cylinder to the frame that are mounted on the firewall behind the engine
  2. chiquapen

    Sealiks Shit

    Z specialties sells 180 lash pads $5.75 each My link
  3. no smart ass my husband did not do the work he is a mechanic not a machinist altho it was one of his engines that got bored for $92 my husband supplied the new pistons and rings the machine shop supplied the expansion plugs. the machine shop is very reputable he builds lots of engines for our local dirt track racers gaping the rings is not that hard just time consuming to stick them in the bore,measure,remove,file,repeat until you get the clearance you want i guess it did not cost my husband as much for the machine work as it does you guys beings he does a lot of business with the machine shop and not just once every few years
  4. what are the casting numbers on the heads? is the L18 over bored? if so how much was it bored?
  5. let me know when ya get done parting these things out and what ya have left i am interested in a few items off them if you havent sold them already. i haz monies now ;)
  6. $92 for a .040 over bore matched to pistons,rings installed and gaped,pistons installed on rods,hot tanking,new expansion plugs and expansion plugs installed reputable machine shop you guy are getting ripped off
  7. have you sold these motors or have you parted them out?
  8. i am just waiting to see how long it takes Skabby to lock this to tell the truth i already sent a message
  9. i am wanting a watch like the ones that were in the for sale section that got locked twice i think one of these would make a great x/mas gift for the Doc
  10. this front sump oil pans came off a 1980 510 wagon with the L20B it also had a 200mm flywheel and a short tail transmission the black pan is the front sump the blue pan is a rear sump from a 620 L20B $30 plus shipping pick up tube included
  11. i can sell you a bed to a 83 720 for $75. you pick up.
  12. http://www.datsunminitruckin.com/jason-gray-info-with-ben-pilas-notes_topic251.html
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