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Do you lock you car / truck


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I lock my newer vehicles, but never the 620, 210 wagon. Since they are here at home and the neighborhood is relatively safe I never lock the doors. I figure that since I don't have any collision or comp on them that the cost to repair a broken door or window would be nearly the value of anything that was taken from the inside. Plus you can nearly buy a whole parts car or truck for what some repair parts cost by themselves. I never keep anything of value in them so if someone gets in a locked car they will just be mad about nothing of value and trash it more. Am I thinking correctly here?

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I lock them up, have kill switches and an alarm and they get stolen! Not just broken into, stolen and neve recovered.


Nobody ever touches my newer cars.


Now I do my best to not only lock them up and arm them but when they're at home the Datsun stays in the garage. If you live in the hills you probably have nothing to worry about unless you're in California.

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i lock the 4runner cuz it has a button to do it :lol:


the door locks on the sedan dont work(got replacements...) so its got secret kill stuff ;)

dont leave anything of value in sight if i need to go inside.


i lock the wagon at the beach.


like everyone else, its more $$$$ to replace the damaged door and lock or glass than to replace the cassettes(not 8tracks :( ) they think are worth their wieght in gold :lol:



ive had a 510 broken into twice in 20years.

1st time the keys were on the floor, doors were unlocked and the :cursing: idiots still broke the glass and damaged the column cover andd ignition. lotsa damage and nothing was missing :rollseyes:

2nd was at a concert(s. central LA) and my friend left the back door unlocked...came back to 1 missing cooler full of beer, the change in the ashtray was gone, shit everywhere. good thing the hatch was locked or the bikes woulda been gone too.



If you live in the hills you probably have nothing to worry about unless you're in California.





you need a trunk ninja for protection :mellow:

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the onlly ones i lock at home are the newest ones. mainly my passats. people like using them as parts cars. other than that, i lock the 4runner when i dont want to take things inside, or when i am out and about. i ALWAYS lock my rigs when i am not home. hell i left the keys in my jetta for 2 weeks one time. and i still have it :D then again i live out in the boonies so things dont dissapear to often.

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I don't lock anything. I had someone jack my vans door all to hell to steal a diaper bag. A diaper bag! Not one that looked like purse either it looked like

a diaper bag. Leave my shit unlocked now. If you need diapers that bad well... I'm payin for 'em one one or another


edit: That happened in Seattle (well Kent). At home I leave windows down, ipod plugged in etc. never had an issue

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the 620: my doors dont lock, well not with a key.. prolly cause i dont have a key for them.. however i do have some kill switches an stuff..


i almost lost her once..




i added the kill switches after that thread..


i dont really have much in the truck to steel tho, just a ford focus cd player..


the sentra locks up, so i lock it.. im thinkin about addin some kill switches to her too, i usualy block the sentra in with the 620 an the gf blocks the 620 with her g20 :)

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The wagon always has the key in the switch, but good luck finding the switch. It doesn't ever get used anymore anyway, just sits there under the shed.


As for my bikes, they are in the garage that stays locked. The keys are in my pocket at all times unless im on one, or in bed.

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