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  1. I met dave on ratsun...i think back in 2010.. 2011 maybe.. went to a couple shows and got to meet him in person.. we ended up at my house and were buds all this time... can't really explain what a cool guy he was... I remember at Canby we were clowning on the spinner wheels... as you know he was very creative.. so this vide I got of him says it all... R.I.P. dave... you will be missed by alot... Damn it my video don't work.. dave made a spinner licence plate.. was funny as fuck... How do I put video on here?? Anyone
  2. 78kingcab

    LED headlights

    I guess you get what you pay for... I bought dot approved glass housing that have a blue halo.. I inspected them and they are of very good quality... I then bought a quality hid kit and have absolutely no problems... excellent lighting... it is possible to get shit when you are cheap... like anything... not here to argue about lights.. lol... just stating that I wouldn't buy a set of lights that are sealed and you can't change the bulbs... there is nothing wrong with leds in anyway, but i feel the same for hids. Like i said you get what you pay for.. sorry havent figured out how to put pics or links up at yhis time...
  3. 78kingcab

    LED headlights

    If I was gonna go with leds I'd by housings then led bulbs.. seems stupid to me to by ones you can't change the bulb.. I went with halo hids
  4. Dude I remember this 620... always a fan of clean 620s... this was always one I liked .. good to see it come to life... great save farmer....
  5. Wow all my pics came back.. was sad they disappeared for years so thx to admin or who ever fixed it.. miss this 620 but I'm back at it after 6 yr break .. let's see what happens.... hint : 79kc
  6. corey got a 83 Nissan 720 kingcab

    1. I'm BLUE

      I'm BLUE

      Jamie's gotta gun....

    2. flatcat19


      I thought Janie had the gun. Jamie does too?

  7. Was told this thing went to Canada and got wrecked anyone know ?
  8. Wow !! now this is a build. Great work please keep it up.
  9. I need a datsun

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    2. MicroMachinery


      We've missed you.

    3. Ni10
    4. 78kingcab


      Thx micro. Think ill start lurkin around again see if I can find myself another 620 or 510

  10. wow its really come far...looks great man....dash is one of a kind awsome.....cant wait for this one to be done....
  11. that color is sweet.......cant wait to see it done......this is for boobies.. :thumbup:
  12. that is a sweet grill, to bad i dont have a dime id buy it...very nice peice...
  13. car is lookin good man....
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