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  1. I been rolling with chain wheels for over 30 years don't think it's going anywhere. Infact I have a custom made one that's even smaller.. and I like pimp ride... So pimp ride it is..
  2. Going to be my version of a gangsta ride yo... Plus going all stock is to spendy so I'll just do it myself for cheap . It will tie all together.. not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Lol.
  3. So motor swap time be back after she's in. Just a l20
  4. Ok so something to be a bit different I went with power window kit ..
  5. So I did a led light swap to dash but all I got was brighter crappy green .. so I did it twice and pretty happy even got the wiper and headlight switches to light up different color
  6. Been collecting parts .. I always go a bit overboard when collecting some of you that know me know what I mean. Lol I buy but never sale.. lol
  7. Dash going in , locking steering in...
  8. So I'll speed up the dash . Used 2 tweeters on both sides of dash
  9. So like I said this is going gangster style so most of you won't like the interior but it's time .. plus good time to add locking steering
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