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  1. I like and yes ... Hmmm let's see if I can score a canopy this week I already got the seal .. and I'll weld bed to cab so seal will only go around canopy .. disco ball hmmm...
  2. Is there a way to put videos on here.. ??
  3. And no it's not the color it's gonna be .. it don't look real bad but it's like bright white. Lol..
  4. So I did the roof first and thought I'd work my way down for fine tuning of body work and forgot what I was doing and sprayed the whole thing.. uggg it's so bright I can't even stare at it... Should be a fun time sanding it back off... So I'm going to take break and drive it for a bit B4 I go round two.. but I'll get interior in for test fit...
  5. Got any ideas? I'm thinking for something to do a walk thru.. I could always weld it back in if I change mind.. I had a few kc walk thu"s and kinda want one
  6. Hey 420n620 , I met you back n the day at I think canby, remember??like 2010 lol.. anyway got the seals from vintage rubber and they do not accept the chrome trim.. very nice seals tho... I'd like to keep chrome but can't get the seals and I already did the front and rear window seals so I'm taking all the chrome trim off... Anyway the seals I think were like 80 bucks shipped .. honestly I can't remember...
  7. Time to have a body guy take over...
  8. So got the windows tinted and some new king cab seals.. lots of body work..
  9. By by tailgate handles., Don't worry there not going too far
  10. Just a little off the top please
  11. Got some Honda seats but the backs go up kinda high. Hmmm just got a new M18 sawsal. Lol
  12. Made a couple stops first alignment then some exhaust
  13. So if you know of my first build if it wasn't a Datsun it would be scrap 1 this is going to start getting very similar... I'm moving it out to the shop.. the fun will begin
  14. Well the old skol (to me) wheels just didn't seem like they fit my style I wanted so sence I have 8 titan wheels ready to go this happened.. and I had the hub bored out so they fit nice
  15. So I'm thinking it's time to hit the body with some love so it's going to get ugly for a minute.. awww halos and hid headlights good way to start the out side. But time to swap some panels
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