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  1. sick620

    A14 fun factor

    Ok awesome this sounds like the plan. thanks for the cam grind info. Any benefit to lightening the flywheel?
  2. We looked at badge in door jam, says 9/1969. Also we realized it is originally from Florida as it has a original dealer decal faded on the tailgate.
  3. how is turn out compared to canby? do ratsun shenanigans still take place while camping or not so much anymore?
  4. sick620

    A14 fun factor

    Haha okay so I should just find a l series or do a carbed ka24e swap probably at the minimum
  5. sick620

    A14 fun factor

    doing it or DOING IT? haha was it fun the times you weren't actively DOING IT? 🤣
  6. What are the lightest datsuns? I tried searching but cant find a list of lightest datsun chassis/body styles I know 1200's, b210's, and 210s are pretty light compared to other models right? can anybody point me to a list of weights for different datsun models?
  7. sick620

    A14 fun factor

    I am not new to driving datsuns with l series engines, but I am new to A series engines. Just picked up a 78 b210 with an A14. It was last registered in 88 so its going to be a minute before I get it going down the road. I was going to take it apart and do a budget rebuild new gaskets and rings etc, but before I do I'm wondering if these cars can be any fun with the original powerplant. I used to have all kinds of fun in my stock l20b datsun 620's with a weber and not much else done to them, they were not fast but I still was able to goof around in them and have a good time. A series motors have a lot less torque and HP, but these 210 chassis cars are a lot lighter right? after a quick rebuild and weber and maybe headers and exhaust will I have fun in one of these cars with an A series? or are they so god awfully underpowered that there is no way to have any fun and I should just go straight into looking for a l20b. nap z, KA etc?... I just want a fun Datsun I can cruise on the weekends and goof off in a little, I don't care at all about speed, just fun. I guess what im saying is: does stock l series car = stock A series car for fun factor? what are the best bang for buck mods to do to an A series engine to get a horsepower or two when you already have it taken apart doing a basic rebuild?
  8. Time Left: 11 days and 3 hours

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    looking for a running l20b, l16, or l18 that does not smoke or anything.


  9. sick620

    ca18de in b210

    if someone ordered one of those JDM ca18de setups and tried to put it in a b210 does anyone know the process? Ive searched and it seems doable but cant find info on mounts or oilpan/crossmember clearance etc... are ca18 engines similar to ka24 meaning engine mounts and overall length with longtail tranny? Is this mostly a bolt in swap minus custom drive shaft?
  10. haha awesome im sure it'll really make that tiny car scoot... one day.. haha
  11. damn I wish would be nice to catchup.. ill be in florida, but ill watch for the next one maybe can get a couple more idaho guys to roll like the old days.
  12. Wise beyond his years 👏... I have argued until I've been blue in the face with all of the supporting facts and information feeling in my heart that I'm 100% in the right and I know all the answers and no one I have ever been in an argument with has cared, it takes a very special person to be swayed by someone else and just immediately go " ah ok yeah you're right and I am wrong" especially with this political value and economic stuff, it takes years to change your thought process with multiple influences... I mean damn you can use ratsun and datsuns as an example.. how many arguments are there for best bang for the buck performance mods in a b210 or whatever chassis, few guys go "get a ka" couple guys go "just get a l20B" couple guys go "just build a a14 its lighter" .... but the crazy thing is you guys have been reading arguments and similar threads from each other for years and you are still all set in your ways of whatever you like or think is right... but no one is really ever totally wrong there are half truths to everything and you can validate your truth by searching the right words... I feel like we can learn so much from datsuns 😁
  13. What I’ve always wondered is am I going to go in the store like ‘ok ratsun guys say don’t get a fram what Else do we have here’ then I grab some other brand, but what I end up buying is some other brand that is just a rebranded fram, or atleast just as shitty of quality? Is there any other brands to stay away from?
  14. Just built a 16in 6.5 grendel ar… scope recommendations? Just for simple deer hunting/end of the world longer range setup.. not wanting a sniper lol
  15. Public service announcement~ everyone please go back and edit your project threads with updated photos posted this way if you have errors instead of oics… it’s so annoying trying to get inspiration on here and all the damn pictures are missing … there are lots of amazing threads on here that could be brought back to life! Make ratsun great again! 😆
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