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  1. I have a Datsun...... Its a '79
  2. It sez on the license plate whos truck that is :D Jason...aka crackhead...aka Wide
  3. Hope the bumper works out for ya man. I like the idea with the fog lights. :thumbup:
  4. If you are what is wrong with Ratsun, why didn't you post in the apologies thread??
  5. If your Datsun is leaking oil then that means it still has oil in it and things are good. If it stops leaking, then its time to worry.
  6. Glad you're better man! 3 inch blocks and heater box heading to me??? :sneaky:
  7. That I'm not sorry for posting that
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDB-yswOrzc
  9. You didn't smell it did you? Dam crop dusting Canadians You need to apologize
  10. That was me Lou, sorry
  11. No one likes where anyone else lives. My place is the best place to live. Blah blah blah.... another bitch thread yaaay.
  12. Well, there are 50 states. Is there gonna be a thread for each "stupid" state?? :rofl:
  13. If its a stock tranny and rear end you should need a 4.37 speedo gear for your tranny if that is the issue
  14. Jayden71


    We own Datsuns not money trees
  15. Some of the people that put on the event are members here on Ratsun and post regularly. Pretty sure if they were offended they would say something. Lighten the fuck up.
  16. I am sure King Shit will be thrilled to see you....
  17. If its not a Ratsun event why do you care what the title says on ratsun??
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