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  1. I've got to say, mine was a rare low mileage great runner, but it never saw more than 35 mpg in daily driving. Perhaps if cruising at 45mph and no more you could see that. Seems I was usually at full throttle in any driving until into 5th just to stay out of the way.
  2. I still regret selling my 81 720 diesel, good luck with the adventure. Wayno will be your best resource here, and perhaps I can assist if needed. Highway travel is not the sd22's best environment, plan to accelerate as you approach even the slightest grade in an attempt to maintain a safe highway speed. Read all you can here (https://nissandiesel.dyndns.org/)
  3. I could hardly wait to log on and see some results for today. Hope it went well! http://www.scta-bni.org/sw-race-results.html Is the website with results, but the short course for th 15 & 16 is not up. To find his truck in the 14th results, look at short course on the 14th and car # 1724. I feel part of this as I've been watching the progress like everyone else for a couple years.
  4. I insured my 93 MR2 and my Datsuns through Hagarty. I told them that I would like to tow a small trailer with the D21 occasionally and they were ok with that.
  5. hitch

    My D21

    Anyone have one of these? Sometimes simplicity makes sense, we're so spoiled with the tech on new cars and trucks.
  6. hitch

    My D21

    $320 shipped with all mounting hardware from Europe, 5 days shipping time. Yep, I'm way happy.
  7. hitch

    My D21

    I'll be keeping the original wheels, the tires are in perfect shape, just 20yr old per the date code, and the size was non existent here.. So found the taco wheels with new tires here locally.
  8. hitch

    My D21

    The new tailgate arrived from Greece, the ebay vendor really came through. Color is a little off, but It'll do till I decide how to paint it. I'm thinking about a Yellow, Hammer Grey, and flat Black like a end of the road barrier with diagonal stripes.
  9. hitch

    My D21

    Found a new set of wheels and tires from a Tacoma, 265/65/17 Fit perfect once I had the lug nuts sorted out.
  10. hitch

    My D21

    To cold to work outside, so this is how I spent my time
  11. hitch

    My D21

    Small project last night, the raise and rear movement for better seating position and leg room. Now some stick on 3M hooks for the seat belts, now they won't get slammed in the door all the time.
  12. hitch

    My D21

    1st fill up, 200 miles about 60% city, 21.66 mpg. I'm quite pleased.
  13. hitch

    My D21

    Update: The registration and title were easy, (ottoex.com) supplied all the required forms except the vin check required by GA. I printed the form and stopped by the local Sheriff's dept and they had it filled out in 5 minutes. I drove it about 30 miles today, the sweet spot on the highway is about 62 mph, way buzzy and about maxed out on power past that. There is also an annoying buzz alarm hidden under the dash that starts up when the speed hits 65, is that a JDM thing? Below, ready for the big tow!
  14. hitch

    My D21

    I guess they did late 85, I've been in contact with a nissan parts exporter on ebay. He said it is a D21 (Hardbody) 85-89 parts are the same for international, and is sending me a tailgate, latch and the bedside latch stuff. Guess I'll see what arrives.
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