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  1. that was pretty dick! how would you have felt if you had hidden pars and somebody took them? no love for your datsun brothers? if i see hidden parts, i leave them! hell sometimes ill toss some more stuff up there
  2. the article said it has an L28. im assuming that it is a typo? "The engine bay houses a stock L28 and stock 4-speed transmission."
  3. B310=datsun 210. the vin SHOULD say B210 then everything will be just gravy. my dad installed one in his 510 in less than an hour(including going to pep boys for some hose) so it should be a sinch
  4. mmmmmmmm. a v8? :thumbdown: there was a post on that forum that i agree with. "what kind of a twit ruins a japanese car with an american motor"
  5. if memory serves, the 620 started in 72 in 71 it was still the 521
  6. this is one of those "easy to learn, hard to master" things. i can do pretty basic ones
  7. what kind of an IDIOT buys a car if they dont have the money for it? because financial problems rarely happen overnight. oh and its spelled power not p0wer. numbers dont belong there buddy. maybe you need to go back to college for another couple of years
  8. http://forum.ratsun.net/showthread.php?17049-Testing-waters-72-Datsun-510-2-door/page2 i doubt you paid the 6800 he was asking. now you just wanna flip it. LOL what a jackass! P0werPlentySR20? learn to spell dickwad! its idiots like yourself that are ruining the datsuns down here. i hate you
  9. dont mean to be rude, but i really dont give a shit. this is not thread worthy
  10. got some imma slap on my 1200, need to know any mainatence i have to do to them, how to tune them etc.
  11. oh no, he wants one so he can dump a v8 in it....
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