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  1. Hello Ratsuners... It's been quite some time since I've posted or been active here. Still been in the datsun game. Anyways. Am blessed with the honor of getting Dave's infamous 210. The drive train has been swapped out to 200sx. Including the engine/transmission. Rocking the 2.2 motor from the 200sx. The fuel injection stuff is gone. But it will be running a weber 32/36 for now. Later down the road some side drafts would be sweet. For now the goal is to go over the brakes, hoses, bearings. Drop the fuel tank and clean it. Replace any hoses while it's out. Get the it running and driving. Going to leave it mostly as is like Dave had it. And just drive and enjoy it. I will be taking it to car shows like Canby and such so other people can see it and remember him also. Paint scheme will remain the same. Only thing I'm planning on changing, is putting a dashboard back in it. Maybe swapping out the wiring harness, and then seats. The intake and carbs he had on it were stolen. The hood is gone, too. Also the rear seat is missing, along with the slotted mags. If anyone has the following to donate to the cause, that would be cool! Slotted mags for it Rear seat Door panels Weber carb Front seats
  2. 3 to 5 degrees for timing on the z24. If it runs like shit there don't advance it. Find the problem and fix it. Adjust the valves etc. I only read the first page before making this post. Cringe worthy
  3. izzo


    I asked around about it and was told even doing that it wasn't quite right.
  4. Man that 620 nexr to yours in the pictures looks familiar mang
  5. izzo


    Also. For what it's worth. Albert dropped me off a set of 4 good tires. Some timing cover gaskets. (I think they are for an l20 instead of l16. Not end of world) he ordered me a new windshield gasket. And I think the clutch issue is resolved now. The clasp on the master was adjusted wrong. He is trying to make it right. So dude needs credit where it's due!
  6. izzo


    Paging Matt aka hrh
  7. izzo


    Hahaha sorry man!
  8. izzo


    Hogie What good details? Look. The truck was advertised as done and ready to drive. And it's not. It's that simple. He did deliver it. The truck has some cool things to it. I have credit where it's due. I listed everything wrong with that 521 that I knew about. I didn't want him to have any surprises with the truck. No the 521 isn't perfect. Never advertised it to be. I'm fact, I try and focus on the bad. Just so it was clear. Same with the blue b210 I sold Josh. I kept telling him what was wrong with it. Just so he knew. Hogie idk what you think is going on here. This was never towards you. And shit I didn't even know this was being traded with you until I talked to you. Albert had said he was going to keep the 521. Not until I talked to you did I even know I trades with you. After sitting and thinking about it... Anyways. Hogie. You're welcome to say what you like about it. I posted what happened.and I said many times this isn't even toward you. Yes. You did offer and so did alBert to trade vehicles back. I declined. I took responsibility for this too. I should of checked the truck out before accepting it as a trade. I know better than just take something without looking it over. I'm not having Albert or anyone else spend hundreda of dollars in gas to trade back. I accepted the truck. It wasn't was I was told it was. I posted about it and left it at that. The only reason I came back. Is to post up that Albert and I have been talking since. Truck should of been done and what I was told it was. It wasn't. He was trying to make right and throw me parts and such. I chose to come here and post about it. Even after doing that. Albert still, still wants to make good. He asked what would it take. Said throw me some tires. A gasket kit. A windshield seal. And possibly a few clutch parts as this is slipping. (The pedal is adjusted too tight. It maybe just that, don't know yet)..... he said he will gladly give me those parts. I'm more than happy with the parts. I didn't want a project like this but I got one I am responsible for this trade too! I'm not trading back. I'm dealing with what I accepted. Albert has been cool even after all this and still wants to make good. I likely won't buy anything from him in the future. But he is making good on this and I'm happy with that. The only reason I came back was to post up him and I came to an agreement. I'm happy with the course we are taking. Also. You weren't involve with the trade. I asked about the tires that were on the truck in the pictures. They were not swapped off or anything. Don't try and use the excuse I asked to keep my wheels as a mix up. It'd not even like that. The same wheels are tires are on it as in the pictures and the ones I asked if had any tread. I have screen shots. It had the time and date. And you can even see what's on the truck in the pictures.... This may have been your truck. But you didn't even exist in the trade deal until after it was done really. Had no idea it was yours. Had not talked you in any way about the truck until after it happened. You're welcome to form your own opinion, but please stay out of the mix and the story of what happened. Or what you think happenEd.
  9. izzo


    Actually not Mike. I don't want any drama off this. He doesn't post over there either. Not going to bad mouth him or keep spewing out what had happened with our deal. It's out its done. And any drama on Facebook will get shut down. With that said. I'm not coming back to this thread. Moving onwards and upwards!
  10. izzo


    Thanks koheartsgpa. No hard feelings here either. I didn't post what happened for any drama. Just throwing out there what happened. Hoping this will save someone else from having this happen to them. I won't argue with anyone about this. Not going to run around and bad mouth him or say things that aren't true. The 620 is up for grabs at this time.
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    Say what?!?! I rikey teh stickerz
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    :w00t: bailing outta this one!
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    Did someone say dildos? haha Bed time, peace
  14. izzo


    At the end of my earlier post, I had mentioned that this isn't on Hogie. I want that to be super clear here. Hogie didn't have anything to do with the trade. Shit I didn't even know it was his until Al was leaving my pace
  15. izzo


    Here's my story. Be sure to read at the very bottom too.... Take it for what it's worth. I am not going to go back and forth and argue about this. People can make their own judgement on whether or not to deal with Albert. I had a 521. I got it from Brian Hatfield. Spent the last 6 months working on it here and there. New clutch, cleaned the fuse box... Got electrics to work. It did run, just not very well (distributor) Got to the home stretch and found out the timing chain guides were dead and needed replaced. Which means the motor needed to come back out. I didn't wanna pull a motor and do all that shit, as i already had it out once. Have had some health issues lately (nothing to serious, just pinched nerves in the spine and sciatic... Some autoimmune disease shit... Seeing a specialist and should be good to go sometime this year), and just wasn't up for it. I have a 720 that needed some light work, carb, tie rods.. simple easy stuff. I already had a carb for it, and adapter. Just no funds for the steering parts that need replaced. So I wanted to take time with the 720, get parts when I could. In the mean time, drive around in a datsun. Needed my own vehicle Anyways. I posted the 521 up for sale/trade. I wanted something that runs and drives. He offered me up a 79 king cab. (he actually offered me a selection of 620s, none had a motor. But he had an L16 that runs great he could put in any of them) Said it had no motor, but he would put in a running L16. So over the course of a week, he got the motor in it. Told me it runs and drives. I asked if the tires had tread, he said yeah some. So it gets here. And he says, the alternator is dead it needs a new one, and gave me a replacement. Then he says, the radiator gets damp. so he gave me another one of those too. Then I found out the windshield is busted, when he got here... But he gave me one of those, also. Was looking around the truck, and the tires are shot. Completely. Only good for rollers in the garage. One is a racing slick now, the rest are past the wear bars. I swapped the alternator out, the replacement was dead. Installed a 720 alternator, good to go... I filled the original radiator up, and it literally pours out the bottom. Now he told me the day prior he ran it for a few hours and it was great. He also said the radiator just gets "A little damp". That's why I filled the original radiator up. I just wanted to fire it up and check it out, then noticed the massive leak in the radiator. There is no way it ran for a few hours with a dead alternator, a radiator that leaks as much as fast as this one does... So continued on. Pulled the radiator out, set the new one in. It's the wrong one. That sucked :| But, Albert DID buy me another radiator off another member. Oil leaks at a pretty good rate from the timing cover and front main seal. This engine needs to come out, get torn down and new gaskets. But is it even worth it? He said it doesn't smoke. But it smokes... And IDK if it's even worth the time/effort/money pulling it and re-gasketing it.... It was backfiring out the carb. So I checked the timing. It was at 15 degrees. I backed it off to 12 & 10. But it has absolutely NO power there, none.... Could be the points in the dizzy are shit? L16 still has the points dizzy on it. I have a matchbox to install. The dash lights come on/off randomly when the headlights are on. And when the lights in the gauges go out the turn signal indicators light up solid. The point is. He told me it was a running driving truck. And it's not. It's a project. It needs more work than the 521. I didn't want to let go of the 521... The only reason I did was to get a running/driving datsun to use while I work on my 720... And when I was done with that, throw the 620 in the garage and start working on it. Now I have a 79 620 project sitting in front of my house I can't really do anything with. I don't have the funds to dump into the thing right now. And really, i'd rather have the 521 back and work on it vs this thing. He lied to me about it running and driving. If you count that it starts and backfires out the carb, has no power and will move very little on its own as running and driving, then I guess it is. It barely makes it up the hill from my garage to the street. I just pushed it outside after seeing all that and swapped the carb on my 720 and will drive it and fix it. Pictures of conversation. Multiple times I asked/said need running driving, and assured me it was. First one. Says they run and drive Him telling me what he has, and me telling him I need something that runs and drives. I listed everything wrong with the 521, that I knew about. So he would know what he was getting into. Here's him saying it runs great Here's him saying he trusts the motor A picture of the motor. Me saying again, just needs to run and drive. I also asked about the tires... He said the tires have OK tread (said tires that are OK) The other 3 look like this, down past the wear bars :( Him saying he will run/drive it and make sure it's all good Him saying he would be a fe wdays later, which was OK This was the day before he brought it out. Wednesday. Here it is! Where he says he ran it for a FEW HOURS. With a dead alternator not charging, and a busted radiator? I didn't know about the windshield, radiator, and alternator until it got here. Natural weight reduction. Now, I could have turned down the trade. But I was told I was getting a running and driving truck, and I trusted him. Not knowing all the other shit that's happened. He had drove like 4 or 5 hours, and I wasn't ready when he got here. So i had to throw my 720 together, get his wheels on the 521 and get them loaded up. I should of taken more time to look it over. but again, i just trusted his word. We were in a hurry. I was excited to have a running/driving datsun truck again. Some of that blame is on me. This is for others to see, and make their own call on dealing with him or not. It wouldn't be exactly easy either, to tell him nevermind after he drove all that way to drop it off. The 521 is worth more than this thing. Cost/value aside. I wanted that 521, so bad... Just couldn't be pulling motors and stuff right now. And now I have to. I'd rather just have my 521 back and do the work to it VS the 620. He did buy the radiator replacement. Said he would try and help make it right. But IDK what to do to make it right. A good known running motor that doesn't leak or need a bunch of shit, and a set of tires that were actually good would be nice. But don't expect it. I'd be ok with the trade if that stuff came through. He messaged me earlier but I haven't responded to him yet. Oh and here's the kicker. Wasn't even Alberts truck. It was Hoagies! Hoagie, I do not put any of this on you man.
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