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  1. Have located motor/trans, front suspension, wiring Still in the market for seats Got a set of wheels for it for now also!
  2. ^^^ That's the plan. Been a while Mike!
  3. ^^^ Update. Picked up the car about a month back. Have got the engine out of the car. Have cleaned out the inside (read swept, not scrubbed). Got the tie rods figured out. Need to figure out tension rod yet and some other bits. But so far, looking like it will line up and come together. Some people have generously donated parts to help get it on the road.
  4. Hello Ratsuners... It's been quite some time since I've posted or been active here. Still been in the datsun game. Anyways. Am blessed with the honor of getting Dave's infamous 210. The drive train has been swapped out to 200sx. Including the engine/transmission. Rocking the 2.2 motor from the 200sx. The fuel injection stuff is gone. But it will be running a weber 32/36 for now. Later down the road some side drafts would be sweet. For now the goal is to go over the brakes, hoses, bearings. Drop the fuel tank and clean it. Replace any hoses wh
  5. 3 to 5 degrees for timing on the z24. If it runs like shit there don't advance it. Find the problem and fix it. Adjust the valves etc. I only read the first page before making this post. Cringe worthy
  6. izzo


    I asked around about it and was told even doing that it wasn't quite right.
  7. Man that 620 nexr to yours in the pictures looks familiar mang
  8. izzo


    Also. For what it's worth. Albert dropped me off a set of 4 good tires. Some timing cover gaskets. (I think they are for an l20 instead of l16. Not end of world) he ordered me a new windshield gasket. And I think the clutch issue is resolved now. The clasp on the master was adjusted wrong. He is trying to make it right. So dude needs credit where it's due!
  9. izzo


    Paging Matt aka hrh
  10. izzo


    Hogie What good details? Look. The truck was advertised as done and ready to drive. And it's not. It's that simple. He did deliver it. The truck has some cool things to it. I have credit where it's due. I listed everything wrong with that 521 that I knew about. I didn't want him to have any surprises with the truck. No the 521 isn't perfect. Never advertised it to be. I'm fact, I try and focus on the bad. Just so it was clear. Same with the blue b210 I sold Josh. I kept telling him what was wrong with it. Just so he knew. Hogie idk what you think is going on here. This w
  11. izzo


    Actually not Mike. I don't want any drama off this. He doesn't post over there either. Not going to bad mouth him or keep spewing out what had happened with our deal. It's out its done. And any drama on Facebook will get shut down. With that said. I'm not coming back to this thread. Moving onwards and upwards!
  12. izzo


    Thanks koheartsgpa. No hard feelings here either. I didn't post what happened for any drama. Just throwing out there what happened. Hoping this will save someone else from having this happen to them. I won't argue with anyone about this. Not going to run around and bad mouth him or say things that aren't true. The 620 is up for grabs at this time.
  13. izzo


    Say what?!?! I rikey teh stickerz
  14. izzo


    :w00t: bailing outta this one!
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