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  1. I can supply pictures to those interested. Will only bring whats asked. 720 OEM Chrome Passenger Mirror. $10 obo. Broken corner of glass, rattles. Used 720 Napa Front Brake Pads. $10 obo Z24 OEM Air Cleaner Assembly with hot air pipe and plastic air pipe. $20 obo. Misc.Z24 Spark Plug Wires. $20 obo. There's at least a (mismatched) complete set, if not more. 720 Non-Tilt Base Wiper/Light Control $5 obo. I've robbed parts from it so it good for no more then that. Z24 Water Pump fans. $10 obo each Z24 Flywheel Cover. $10 obo 720 Licence Plate Lighting. Tabs bent from minor accident, but useable. $5 obo Z24 Carb Intake Manifold. Comes with Weber 32/36 adapter. $50 obo Z24 Timing Set. Used. Comes with chain, both sprockets, guides, and tensioner. Minimum wear. $40 obo Z24 Timing sprockets. $10 per pair obo Z24 Alternator Bracket. $5 obo Engine Mounts. Unknown if KA24E or Z24. $10 obo Z24 Emissions components. What you see is what you get. $30 obo Z24 Crankshaft Pulley. $10 obo each 720 Hood Latch. $5 obo 720 Spare Tire carrier. $10 obo
  2. You should be able to move the fuel inlet fitting from left to right. Then delete that whole hard line piece under the manifold and run your return to the normal return port at the frame. Tidy up with zip ties as you please. Here's how mine ran for years until I went sidedraft. I think I got that old piece for under the manifold somewhere too....
  3. Sick driver Madness. Not very often you find a clean 720 that hasn't been turned into a bagged mini/drift slut. Props dude.
  4. Yeah I got nothing for this one. Points if you know what it started life as.
  5. Today in Vancouver about 10am at 78th and Hazel Dell Ave. Looked a solid driving project.
  6. This thing came in to work a while ago. Come to find out it's the GM's new project. 1973.
  7. The VIN was at Canby as it's King Cab self. The dual cab setup was at Blue Lake. This is how it appeared at Blue Lake. Rumor has it that it will make it to Canby this year...
  8. Now I just wanna know why you dropped the tranny on something that new. Timing cover wouldn't surprise me in the lease :rofl: :rofl: Spanner is the non-US term for the open end wrench if I'm not mistaken,
  9. Fixed. Yeah, Toyota tech. I had a IR ratchet first then the head blew apart on me. Had the cornwell one for awhile and it's been good. I was just thinking it was time to upgrade, plus I'm getting tired of dragging the air hose over the fender, praying the fender cover doesn't move. Thanks!
  10. Going back to the cordless ratchet deal. Are the 1/4" really all they seem? I always have ran a Cornhole air ratchet since A) I work in a flat-rate shop and he comes to me, B) I have air everywhere I tend to use it, and C) It's gotten me extras both times. Lately it's been giving me some fits since my awesome shop hasn't changed the air dryer and I don't think its totally oil filled anymore. I've been thinking of going with the Milwaukee cordless but I want real world reviews.
  11. I was looking for this thread last week (literally) for the wiper conversion information and couldn't find it for the life of me. Glad to see that you still have the thing!! They love to be worked in stock form.
  12. Not to mention the fact that you can loose it on the highway if it's not properly installed.
  13. Nissan_Boy85

    My 720 Resto

    There is marks that line up on the oil pump side too. I know I've spent an evening making new colorful words attempting to line it all up before I understood those lower marks.
  14. So it's official, my google skills suck. Haha thank you very much Rhino!
  15. Following up with the NHRA approved fuel line, I've been shopping fuel lines and fittings and such and I ran across this picture... Now I've tried my damndest to try and find those fittings and have failed. If anyone knows where I can find those or at least read the brand, you will help me greatly. I found this image on a UK Pinto page, but this particular setup was built for the same carb setup I have. So I know the fittings I want exist, I can't find them. Maybe my google skills aren't what yours are, maybe I'm just confused. Hell, maybe some of you who work parts counters for a living can help me. Anyways, thank you all!
  16. Hard to say from that angle, i just caught a quick profile of it but it looks like it!
  17. 2 sightings, no oics cause I couldn't get my phone out of my pocket fast enough, both from yesterday. One was around 5PM, intersection of Andresen and 78th in Vancouver. It was a 521, green cab, black stepside bed, black wheels, led tails. Props, i dig it. Second was between 5:15 and 5:30, by 4th Plain and SR500. 521, black with white stripe down the side, looked lowered. Props to you too sir.
  18. Saw at I-5 and 99th St in Vancouver yesterday afternoon.
  19. New carrier bearing helps a lot. Now I've been driving and enjoying the high comp with the weber 45's and I'm fighting a few things. My main thing is after a full throttle pull the truck will rev hang. Lenght of time that it hangs will vary and won't happen every time. I'm fairly lost when it comes to fixing it. F11 tubes, 155 main with a 55 corrector. All balanced and synced as best as I can get them. No vacuum leaks. Idle speed is low (700ish). Any ideas gang? Kind of want it fixed before blue lake, even though it doesn't affect the street-ability of it. EDIT: I'm a tard. Linkage would hang up on fuel line. Would need to go past 3/4 throttle to get close. Now I just need to go with something NHRA approved for fuel line...
  20. Ever since I revived this truck last year, I fought a vibration under load. Im pretty sure I got it narrowed down to the carrier bushing/bearing. I looked down at it and it's got what I think is is weird shape. If someone can confirm or deny this before I replace it. I mean, the bushing is cracked and is bad regardless, but all the replacements I've seen are round and this appears to not be...at least anymore. In the truck: Out of the truck: The odd shape: My favorite picture of my truck from Canby just for good measure :)
  21. Saw this guy last weekend in Vancouver. Corner of 78th and Andresen. Couldn't get a better picture but 720 with step-side and visor. Looked really good, made me sad I was in my Honda.
  22. http://s303.photobucket.com/user/Nissan_Boy85/library/Canby%202016 All 40 photos I took. Not nearly as many as last year, but my photographer wasn't with me this year. Oh, nanners...that white B210...owned by Dan Hart. 50-ish thousand original miles.
  23. 3 months...time for an update. It runs now and holy hell, this latest setup is killer. I lost my amazing idle sound, but I gained so much more. Making more and more tweaks every day. Decided to learn how to tune it myself so I know more then I need to. Pictures and update again after it visits Canby.
  24. I got one of these about a year ago for work and absolutely love it. Underhood light with elastic strap, 2250 lumens, and can run off 110 wall plug (with switch) or 12V battery. Always ran it off the battery sitting under the hood and have never killed one. Pricey at $230, but it beats holding the light in my mouth.
  25. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that number with the standard KA 2cc dished pistons, not the "flat top" KA pistons found in early 240sx?
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