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i dont know what to do

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today my girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me.....i had a ring.....i was going up to see her on june 5 our 3 year aniversery and i was gonna propose i dont know what to do does anyone have any advice to help a hurt datsun brother?

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bro thats lame.. the only thing i can say is that you need to keep your head up and remember that there is plenty of fish in the sea.. dont play it over and over in your head or it will get to you and drive you crazy.. you have a project(your 610) and thats the best way to blow this off, just keep busy till the pain fades.. keep cool



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^^^ good advice.

when i work on my cars, i completely lose focus of anything else going on and concentrate on the task at hand.

its like a stimulant for me.

become an addict.

sorry to hear about this bro.

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Good advise so far.


I'm generally a cold person after the fact so it's always been hard for me to understand how hurt people get. Many people in life come and go, life is too short to dwell on them. Stressing, worrying, hating, resenting, regretting etc negative emotions do nothing but make the matter worse, have to be careful not to get sucked into them. The preceding years with her are just a chapter in a long life you will live. Take the memories and lessons with you into the next one.


Plans change, life changes, I see that as a good thing. Builds character and keeps things fresh.


its shitty but it will pass

Everything does and will. If nothing else we can all take solace in that fact of life.

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dont tell her what your plans were,,dont give her the ring,,get a refund on said ring if you can ,,but get rid of it seeing it will make you think of her ,,you cant change the past ,,dont second guess the way you treated/loved her,,move on learn from it ,, she left you /her loss ,,you can learn to love / treat the next relationship better,,but only after this one is over,, we all have been there,,she choose to not work on this relationship,,


if you tell her what your plans were ,,what ever the reason you feel you need to tell her ,, she will feel that you are weaker and her choise was even better,,it cant do either of you any good to spill what your plans were,,,


i hope this has been helpful

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There is no way I can top any of that advices so instead I will tell you a good quote about girls.


"Where there's one that won't there's 10 more that will." I'm not exactly sure what he was referring to... That one liner always cheers me up :D

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Sorry to hear that, as you know there are tons of songs.


Listen to the right ones in your head now while you work on your car.


Like 'love stinks'


And do your laundry at a new laundry matt and look like you don't know how to run the machine be frustrated with a smile on your mug :)


As was said there are many fish in the sea


Like four of them to every one of us:eek:


Be happy that always makes them think

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Sorry Bonvo! THe above advise is swell, just be sure she didn't do it because she thought youd never marry her! Cause obviously she'd be wrong.


Women are a strange breed. By the time the make a decision like this, it is usually to late to do anything to change their minds.

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what a bitch but ooooh well i wish my wife would leave me but she wont go consider your self lucky.... Now you can do what you want when you want and how you want.....plus now go to a Datsun car show and find a girl that likes Datsun's then you both share the same interests.................




the sensitive side

sorry about your loss but time will pass. their are many fish in the sea




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Bonvo when your heart is broken there's not much anyone can say to make it better. Healing is a gradual process with no clear boundaries. It can take a few months even years. Sometimes we never heal completely and still feel a sharp stab when we see that person, but one thing we must do is go on. Like grief we should experience it, even embrace it for a time, and then begin to heal. To hold on to the pain, is sheer wallowing and you are no good to yourself or others. Do not give in to anger or dispare. Give it time and be patient with yourself, and when you are ready, move on. If there is a lesson to learn from this then accept it, and go on. Don't play the blame game with yourself or others... it is what it is ... go on. You are important. Be kind to yourself.

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what a bitch but ooooh well i wish my wife would leave me but she wont go consider your self lucky....



Be careful what you wish for.:eek:





I will add to all the good advice already given.^^^^


A broken heart will heal. It will just take time. I have been there and I still remember the pain. I was so miserable, I couldn't work or eat or anything. After 2 weeks of feeling sorry for myself, and loosing 20 pounds, I finally ditched my self pity party and went out and met another girl and got laid. It helped alot. All of a sudden, I realized that there could be another woman for me. Looking back, 20 years later, I am so glad she went down the road. We were totally wrong for each other.


I hope you feel better soon.

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When I was 25 I discovered my answer To High main Hot young women.


Find a older Rich older divorce woman!!!!!!!!40+ There are ready to go all the time(in hteir PRIME) and have there own house,Dont care what kind of car you drive!!!!!!!


Good advice! Older women: they don't yell, they don't swell and are grateful as hell!

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These are indeed strange times.


I'm still in love with with my first girlfriend from 1970. She was smart, had strawberry blond hair down to her butt and a face like a cherub. When I got drafted she sent me a Dear John letter while I was in basic training. If felt like I got stabbed in the heart, I never got over it.


Until I met the next little hottie. Lived with her for five years and she up and joined an ashram to spend her life in meditation. I was crushed. I was so depressed that I didn't go to work for three months, drank all night and slept all day. It took me three years to get over that one.


Then I met a super hot lady that was nine years older than me. She had a good job, fast car, nice house and unreal sex drive. We live together for five years and then she got born again. I came home one day to find her in bed with her Sunday School teacher. That little romp cost me about three hundred thousand bucks, but I got over it in about three months.


Then I met another lady with long blond hair down to her butt, 38DD, good job, smart, nice car, paid off condo. I loved her so much, but after a year of wild sex, she dumped me on the phone. Her bio clock was ticking and she wanted kids... I hate kids. I got over that one in three days. Good thing it didn't cost me anything.


Then I met another blond that was just a working girl, but had a nice car, nice house, and two horses, hated kids. We loved to ride motorcycles, horses and sex. After about three years she inherited a fortune and told me to quit my business, and marry her. She bought a big house on property, new horses, new truck and wanted me to pay attention to her and travel. We came so close to getting married twice, but the money got in the way. I wanted to grow my business, work on motorcycles, build a shop and create stuff. She wanted me to pay attention to her. The money made it weird. It was great when we were both just regular working people. After five years we decided to be friends, marriage would have killed that. I got over that one in about three days.


So, if I hadn't gone through all that, I wouldn't have met the blond that I have been with for eleven years now. We take care of each other, because we have both been chewed up and spit out too many times. If something were to happen to us, I swear I would be over it in three minutes.


A guitar player I gigged with for years used to say, "Bitches be a dime a dozen". He used to say, "The only real friend you got is your axe, it does exactly what you want it to, never gives you any shit and always makes you happy". So play your guitar, get a gig, get a car, get a house and get a life. Chicks are like the bus, another one comes along every twenty minutes.

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