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  1. love Cressies. had an elderly man locally drove around in a red wagon with this front end when I was a kid. it's the first Japanese luxury car I ever knew existed.
  2. oh, hell, brother. i am sorry. the saddest day in my young life as a teenager was when all the sappy chick songs made sense to me. for me it was early 1988 and the first serious girlfriend cheated, dumped me and then wanted me back. somehow my local rock station squeezed the song below in between guns n roses and van halen and made me cry into my straw purchase beer. the tune still hits me in the feels. it's a delicious old pain though.
  3. repugs love it that way. republican politicians love to be in a position to claim victim status. they get to portray themselves as bravely fighting a losing fight against overwhelming odds. means they get to collect massive donations and aren't expected to produce results. voters gave Trump and repugs the house, senate and the presidency in '16 and to repay him GOP politicians resigned en masse right up until the '18 mid-terms. the only thing repugs enjoy more than losing is bravely "crossing the aisle" to help dems put the peter to the American citizen.
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