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  1. Lindsey Graham and Trey Gowdy are deep state pressure relief valves. They screech at the top of their lungs promising to bring fiery justice and harsh punishment upon those evil-doers who disrespect the law but never follow through. They yell at the bad guys to placate the repug base but neither follow through and actually try to get anyone locked up. I don't expect much from Senator Girl's Name but Gowdy was a helluva an aggressive and successful prosecutor in the 1990s. He also is a snappy dresser - gif related:
  2. At least 21 people shot, 1 dead in Washington D.C. Updated 22:52, 09-Aug-2020 https://news.cgtn.com/news/2020-08-09/At-least-21-people-shot-1-dead-in-Washington-D-C--SOXQVDkTZK/index.html
  3. No matter who wins POTUS this year I can't fully express to you the evil glee with which I've watched liberals defend a senile, pro-segregation, elderly white male from the slavery state of Delaware who stunningly claims to be the sole approving source of blackness over a liberal New Yorker who came out in support of gay marriage in 1990, used to date a black woman and was buddies with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton!
  4. that seems like an awful fuss just to tote around a '35 Ford even if it appears to be a roadster. there's some writing on it's door....? I wonder if it was part of a contest or a promotion...?
  5. ME!?!! Turn down yer record player, you pony soldier and I'll tell you about my hairy legs!
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