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  1. You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists) by Dr. Fred C. Schwarz The Communists believe they are at war. They desire "peace" with all their hearts. But to them, peace is that golden consummation when the progressive force of Communism totally overwhelms American imperialism and climaxes in Communist world conquest. By definition , "peace" is Communist world conquest. Since this is true, any action that advances Communist conquest is a "peaceful" action. When the armies of the Communist Chinese encompass the Tibetans, robbing them of their land and food, stimulating them to frantic, hopeless revolt, and then massacring them, they are consummating peace. When Khrushchev ordered Russian tanks into Budapest to fire into the apartment buildings, reducing them to rubble, entombing man, woman and child, in his heart he had a song of peace. The Communists use the word "peace" in their own sense with total sincerity. We interpret it in our sense. We are the victims, not of their hypocrisy, but of our own ignorance. http://www.schwarzreport.org/resources/you-can-trust-the-communists-to-be-communists
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