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  1. I've always had a lot of luck buying plugs off eBay (there's a dude who sells only NGK plugs and really knows his stuff) but eBay no longer has a relationship with Paypal and soooooooooo eBay wants a bank account number so they can pay me and I ain't givin' anyone even a throw-away bank account. I don't even sell on there anymore but now when I click on eBay I get a popup that won't even let me browse until I click it off three times.
  2. I called a local U-Haul shop a couple of weeks ago to reserve a car dolly and the cute sounding female clerk asked me if I knew anyone who could put a clutch in a 2000 Camry. I told her I never knew Camrys to have sticks after the 1st gens. She said they sure did and she owns one. NEAT! This afternoon, I went to change spark plugs in my Datsun only to discover an Amazon seller had been a tad sneaky. The part number is the same as the NGKs I thought I was getting but these are produced by the CHICOM gubment. Interwebs doesn't know much about them other than they don't like them.
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