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  1. im not saying its stock but i have a early l26 with dome su's ,,and it has 3 bolt thermastat and water neck and it has allmost no corsion or it
  2. pasquale ,,2 bolt or 3 bolt water neck??,,i might have one.
  3. beautiful day in so cal ,,,heading out to the meet,,, kool datsuns and good freinds meet you there
  4. ill be their sat 18th ,but ill be late ,,go*ez customs open house is the same day/nite
  5. well i think ill have a hot dog see you there robert
  6. all rite this is starting to shape up whos in
  7. im in san bernardino no rain as of yet ,,,im going to the meet tonite rain or shine ,,who in !!!! i need my datsun fix oh i got cookies bribe bribe
  8. i saw your post in parts 4 sell

    how much 4 wagon tail light parts

    and shipping to socal zip 92410



  9. thats a 510 cross member and control arm,,is that truck in the junk yard or did you just pick it up
  10. i need some 24 tuffs or z/rims for my dyno pro cruzer
  11. does it need to pass a smog test to sign off the excessive smoke ticket ?? cause you could change to full synthetic oil like Mobil one ,,it will still burn oil and stink on acceleration ,, but there arent any organic solids to burn so no real smoke,,the exhaust looks like fuel vapor ,,it will trick the cops at idle ,,and if they are standing right behind it at part throttle it will effect there eyes / nose ,, but no visible smoke ps this is just a band-aid ,,if the ring are badly warn and smoke it need a rebuild
  12. glad you guys made it out to the datsun meet on sat,when are you heading home

    oh im the one with the rusty wagon

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