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  1. 510er

    71 2dr project

    Woot woot, finally some real progress! well a little bit... With any luck the engine bay will be in paint this weekend as well as the inside firewall and i can actually start putting some shit back together!!
  2. Normally you can feel where they are, I wouldnt go in blind you will just end up drilling lots of unnecessary holes.... look on both sides of the floor pan for the little divots where they are... Why are you removing the seat risers anyway? the spot weld cutter i have is 3/8" im fairly sure you dont need bigger than that for most spot welds
  3. get a spot weld cutter :) there spot weld size
  4. 510er

    71 2dr project

    Why in all hell would i want to do that? then I would be dattoless :(
  5. 510er

    71 2dr project

    okay shit time for a thread update... well i have been back from iraq for about 3 weeks now and my liver fell out twice.. so time to work on the dime right? wrong! my dd 97 chevy 1500 extended cab has a coolant leak from the heater hose and i need to replace the idler arm... okay so im driving my jeep wranger... go out and play in the wrangler... play really hard... BANG! shit f*ck damn! WTF??? drive a little bit... BANG!!! damn it lets see if she makes it home bang grind bang grind all the way home :) well i broke the locker in the rear end.. shit now i really do have to fix some shit. oh yea not to mention I had to replace the starter solenoid on my harley which in turn caught on fire after i was finished mother fawker! and so now i have been home for 3 weeks and all i have done is look at the dime and buy more parts and dream a little some one kick my ass into gear!
  6. 510er

    1/4 windows

    So... its tax time and i know you guys out there have nasty quarter windows... im workin on my dime and can fit in some repairing so BUMP TO THE TOP!
  7. just curious not trying to start anything.... If you put these lights new out of the box on your car... and you have a new in the box set that your replacing these with... why are you replacing these lights for the new set? what am i missing here?
  8. any more pictures of the front of this 510 i like the bumper and grill look its got going on
  9. Matt that cracks me up man i got that same text verbatim!!! from a spokane number that i didnt recognize i just didnt bother to send anything back haha
  10. I have heard that some guys dont have to dent the fender it just makes it easier to change bulbs and to adjust the lights but i have never had these installed in a 620 so... yea rock on
  11. They are 620 headlight backingplates that have the projectors mounted in them, so if you need mounting depth or any of that let me know and i can measure them. I would like 250 for them but an open to offers and part trades... another thing... of those of you that know me and have seen my work i can assure you that these are well put together and all the cuts are straight and they look damn nice! I would not hesitate to put these in a dd/show truck The only thing that you need to get is the female electrical connectors which you can get new from rock auto ACDELCO Part # LS254 {2-WAY FEMALE GRAY #88862194} SOCKET,HDLP LOW BEAM * Non-stock item--shipping delayed up to 5 business days $6.81 $0.00 $6.81 you would need two of those... On with the photos!!!
  12. get the one that gives you a hard on when your driving it man! if you going to spend days of your life inside of a car you might as well be enjoying it... Im not a fan of 2wd trucks i think there gay... except dattos there still bad ass but a frontier is not a datto so imo GAY but yo money man!
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