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My dad

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Today I said on another post that your parents won't be around forever. Little did I know just how true that was. I just got off the phone with my brother in Ontario who has told me that dad had passed away quietly about two hours ago.


He had been in a care facility for the last month or so from a small stroke which affected his left leg and balance. Hospital seemed to agree with him because of it's strict routine. Old people like routine and he was no different. The last two weeks he developed a problem with swallowing and had an MRI last Tuesday but nothing showed up. As a last resort a feeding tube was to be surgically inserted but this was considered very dangerous at his age. Anyway he developed breathing problems this evening and my brother was called but he passed away before he could get back there.


I last talked with him on Thursday afternoon and he had trouble speaking so I said I would call back on the weekend. I hope no one minds but I don't have anyone else to talk to at the moment. My wife is in Calgary with our daughter till Monday and deserves to spend it with her. Hurrying home won't help really. The last twelve years I called him nearly every week and if I was able to save up for a vacation I drove my Datsun to Ontario to visit every other year on average. I'm so glad I found the time. Dad was 89 last January.

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Thanks for reminding me too that we need to stay in touch with family. It's a good thing you were able to talk to him just a few days ago. I remember when my grandma got sick she mostly hated the change in her routine more than anything else. Regular trips and phone calls help.

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Mike I am so sorry to hear about your father thats sucks I lost my mom when I was 11 and I was raised by my grandmother she past in 2003 at the age of 73 (I also lost my uncle and aunt within 6 months after) I know people always say that they know what your going through but they dont and neither do I but I know the pain of loosing a loved one. my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family, CHIN UP AND GODBLESS



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Sometimes in life we get too caught up in our own. It is good that you were close. It is even better that you made the time, over the years, to see him and talk to him. I am certain he appreciated it. Chin up boss. We're here. I have one grandparent that's still with us. She'll be 91 this July. Whenever my wife and I make a trip home, we make it a point to visit with her.



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Guest jaimesix

Sorry to hear this news.


No words can explain what it is to lose a family member. I lost my father back in 04, and like you, I was far away from him at that time.

It could sound like a cliche, but it is true, he has already riden himself from his physical constraints, and now he is in the company of other loved ones.

Untill the time for us to go, make him happy by honoring his name, becoming a better person, and getting closer to those family members you still have around.

And never doubt about seeking company and friendship in this Ratsun place, although an automotive place, human beings first.



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Sorry to hear the news Mike, you were the first I believe that brought me closer to my Dad when I came to Ratsun. With ficsh, you guys are great. I'm sure your Dad was very proud of his boy.


God Bless him, he lived a long life down here.


You and yours are in my Prayers.


Words don't do it ...... it's time and memorys.

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If you can't see him today call him up. Life is so short don't miss any opportunity to spend some time with your father. I call my dad weekly and talk about the weather. Usually one thing leads to another and we talk about family and neighbors and 'stuff'. He's 89 now and lives 3,000 miles away and I try to visit every year or so. I miss him now more than I did when I was a kid who thought everything lasts forever. Find the time.




This was something our King Rat said to me shortly after I joined.


Mike I know this won't be easy for you to read but I had to share what you said to me when I came onboard Ratsun.


I think I speak for all of us


We are here for you right now .... hang in there friend.

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Awww Mike. Sorry to hear it bro. I know in the time I've been here you have reminded us more than a few times to stay in touch with our folks. So not only did you keep the flame with yor father, but you've reminded us all too. Warf is a prime example.

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Thank you all for your time and kind words. Getting to know him these past ten years has been a gift both painful for it's ending, yet at the same time, comforting for all the memories I now have. There is almost balance in this and time will heal the sadness. You guys have all helped, thank you.



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Sorry to hear that Mike! Loosing people who are close is so depressing :( At least you have the memories :D Life can be weird, I have a welder buddy who is 62, when he was 18 he moved out and never talked to his dad again. He did go to his funeral a few years ago but that's it. I talk to my dad about 3-4 times a year if I call him. Your lucky you had such a good relationship with him. I envy you for that.

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

Mike,Sorry to here of your loss.

No words I can put here will really make you feal better , you are in our thought man..

If yah need to get away, come over the hill for a bit, doors open, coffees on,



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