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  1. How did I miss a whole 8 page thread on nerd currency?
  2. Why can't we post images from our computers here the way you can on most other sites?
  3. Dan Wesson Valor Blue .45 https://www.flickr.com/photos/32966123@N03/24862173287/in/dateposted-public/ Why no flickr when photobucket ruined the internet?
  4. But you can't post images from your computer, can you?
  5. Everything is great, but the 510 is suffering from humidity and neglect. If I did go the wrap route, I will true up or replace all of the problem panels to keep the imperfections from shining through.
  6. I actually found that on a google search. I was looking for more "conservative" examples and what to look out for when doing it and approximate costs.
  7. Looking for options, the "10 year paint job" I got when I was out in LA was just that....and that was 5 years ago. My friend who wrapped his new Mercedes said I should look into it. Anyone here done it? I searched and didn't find anything. There is rust happening that I will have to deal with first, a few bubbles and a big peel on the DS front quarter panel.
  8. Holy hotel room poozle! Any more of her?
  9. 4" backspacing, rims are 8" outside width, 7" inside width, 13" diameter.
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