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Bummer news from Paul 71-521

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Hey guys,

A lot of you know Paul Puppe as 71-521 on here and on nwde. I just got these text msgs from him this morning.....they pretty much say it all so here they are put together as one.



Mike. As you may have noticed, i have not been around lately. I started getting sick about a month or more ago...i first had am ulcer biopsied. The results came back yesterday as cancer. Today they are going back in 2 get a few more they found last night. If you can pass this on, I'd appreciate it. I'm at st. Joes in tacoma. You're datto buddy...Paul

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Cancer is no good. I'll be thinking about him, and "praying" in my own way.


Medicine has come a long way, and there are alot of things doctors can do. But I'm no expert, and it hits everyone different.


I lost my mom 3 years ago to breast cancer. We had warning and we were able to make the most of our last bit of time with her. Hopefully Paul will be okay, like I said, I'll be "praying" for my Ratsun brother.


Good luck Paul!

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Damn! There's little any of us can do about this, but if good will, good vibrations and good wishes can make the difference and speed your recovery, Paul, then no worries. Rest easy, we've got that covered.

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Dam!! when I saw the thread tittle I figured he had to sell a datto... Not this, this is bad. I agree though, medicine this days is awesome, they will patch you up buddy :D You will be back in no time :)

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I was thinking we should do a card for Paul, if someone designs it, then uploads it, we could each download it and "sign" it in photo shop re upload it, I could print it and it bring to him. What do you guys think? I will get to work on it :D

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Okay guys....got a bit of an update.



"I'm still @ st. Joes....boys are staying w/relatives. Doctors say they got 95% of the cancer out. Once i get well enuf, i'll go home and then get referred to the uw cancer research as they are doing a study I qualify for to get the rest of the tentades out. You can call me direct @ 253-223-2868...it's best to call in afternoon."

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Thanks guys!

I had 3/4 of my stomach removed due to the cancer and it is in my lymph nodes (2 out of 7)...

what little was left was wrapped around my pancreas and the bile duct...

Chemo and radiation therapy should be able to get the rest into remission for awhile...

I will not be selling my trucks, however, I will be giving away the 223 that I just recently acquired thru Redeye's friend...I don't have the time nor money to finish it as the other 3 will keep my and the boys busy for a few years...

hit me up if you're interested in it...that's my cell number posted up the page...

talk with you all later,

and thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers..




521st posting.....

I'm out for awhile!

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I just got this from Paul's wife. :(



Hello everyone,


I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.


It is with a heavy heart that I write this e-mail. Paul and I have spent the day in the ER with Paul being admitted to the hospital this evening. He is at St Joe's 10th floor, B quad room 4.


Paul has another abscess, however this one ruptured while we were waiting in his room to hear what was next. Short of it I believe there is a small leak that is allowing fluid from his digestive tract to build up. Tomorrow brings the day of making the dr's listen and fix it.


As always all your prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.


Love you all,



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i will pray for u and yours, steroid i will 2nd that, JESUS, can and will heal paul.. just believe and have faith he will do it, put all your trust in him..he will do it :D , doctors are good and we all need them, but they only have the knowledge that GOD gave them...:cool:

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