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  1. Take note of what email you're using to log into your account. The makers of this forum software are deprecating the ability to login by display name, and will require logins via email in the future.
  2. Yeah, probably when the SSL certificate kicked in. You could access before, but it depends if you decided to "proceed" anyway after security warning. Some browsers are more strict than others too. I found that Firefox only seemed to ask me once per session.
  3. I asked them to update the certificate manually, so it looks like that went through now! If anyone still sees "site not secure", try closing and re-opening the browser.
  4. Yes, we had to switch hosts last-minute. I was told the new certificate should be automatically generated and installed once the domains were resolved to the new server. That should have happened so I'll check up. I know the search bar is messed up but functional. That came from a software update as the forum software company is always changing the way they theme it. I'll fix it eventually, but it's not a high priority at the moment. Is there anything else funky besides that and the SSL certificate that people have noticed?
  5. I would prefer to have my profile name, changed to Big O. I'm profiled on other sites as Big O.

                                                                                                             Thank you .

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      Why? Are you a tire [tyre]?

    4. sick620


      gives the ladies big orgasms

  6. I'll trade you for a signed Trump University degree. I wonder if they had lessons on throwing temper tantrums and trying to subvert democracies because the other guy won and that makes him sad. 🙂
  7. Ahh, Alex Jones. That explains why you have such a problem with critical thought. It doesn't seem like you've stepped through reality for a while..
  8. The Pennsylvania lawsuit they rejected the other day was less absurd than the Texas one, and they've lost pretty much everything they brought to court since they lost the election. 🙂
  9. I have to say, this is Trump looking his most presidential yet!
  10. Oops, edited your post accidentally to reply. Sorry Mike! No reason to mince words, call a duck a duck—it’s exactly what this meritless nonsense was. Any informed person who isn’t part of the cult knew this would be the outcome.
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/11/us/politics/supreme-court-election-texas.html
  12. I can only read what you wrote, not what's in your head. Aside from that, the topic was people seeking asylum which is not limited to religious extremism or anti-American sentiment.
  13. Except on a video labeled "democrats on trump border wall" the only person to even mention a barrier was Clinton. It's a straw man argument to say being against a wall along the entire border is an argument in favor of illegal immigration.
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