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  1. If you click the "Activity" tab -> "My Activity Streams", you have different options and can even make your own stream. I could be wrong, but I think it only shows reactions if you click the activity instead of choosing one from the drop down. If you make your own, you have options like "take me to the first unread comment". Like I said above, it depends on how wide your browser is. If you grab the side and adjust the width, you'll see that at some threshold the side bars disappear..
  2. It depends on how wide the browser window is. If you make it wider, they should appear. I'm not sure what happened to the option to otherwise collapse them.
  3. I disabled the requirement until I can figure out why it won't upload
  4. I'm going to reboot the server in a few minutes to see if it fixes the mail server problem. If you have problems accessing the site, no worries, it's just a reboot!
  5. This should be fixed now. We were using http instead of https, so we purchased an SSL certificate. If that doesn't mean anything to you, no worries—just means the site is more secure now. Not sure why some people were suddenly getting that warning though, since we never had an SSL certificate before...
  6. I added some color back in, and the classifieds are now back. The new new classifieds app should be better than the new classifieds of old. haha. I changed the categories to make it easier to require pictures for sales and no pictures for wanted. Yeah, I believe it was supposed to transfer the passwords unless they changed the encryption. It seems some people are having issues resetting their password, but others aren't. I'm not sure what that's about! Thanks! We were way overdue for an update, but putting it off because of how much work is involved, and we all have busy schedules. They stopped supporting the software version we were running a long time ago. It finally got the point where it was a bit less reliable and the spam filtering was no longer working. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is update the webpage in my free time and get everybody upset. We already put a lot of money into this page every year to keep it ad-free, so it kind of sucks to irritate a whole community when you're putting time and money into it. I do appreciate constructive feedback though—even though I cannot necessarily change certain aspects. ? I think I fixed it! That's interesting. I'm not really sure what it's about. I disabled the ability to upload photos directly. Believe me, I would love to have that feature, but webspace is expensive and for how much we pay per year—well, I've bought 510s for less (back when I actually owned a Datsun).
  7. Thomas

    Wanted: 120Y Clock

    You might also want to try the classifieds
  8. New New Classifieds are up. Let me know how they work or if we need to add more fields
  9. I think what you're showing actually appears in the "About Me" section of your profile. That's where I thought the signature was at first too, but it's actually in "Account Settings." See the image below:
  10. The "Activity" tab on the top -> "All Activity": https://community.ratsun.net/discover/
  11. You’re interesting On the backend it says it’s rebuilding stuff, so maybe the signature is part of that... I’ll see when it’s finished.
  12. Yeah, it is a little washed out—bright and not a lot of contrast. I'll add classifieds back soon.
  13. Yeah, I'm not sure why. Seems the updater fucked up some stuff. Is this the link you're looking for? http://community.ratsun.net/discover/
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