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  1. I can only read what you wrote, not what's in your head. Aside from that, the topic was people seeking asylum which is not limited to religious extremism or anti-American sentiment.
  2. Except on a video labeled "democrats on trump border wall" the only person to even mention a barrier was Clinton. It's a straw man argument to say being against a wall along the entire border is an argument in favor of illegal immigration.
  3. I appreciate your candor, but I don't share the same viewpoint. I don't see this as an apples to apples thing.
  4. The sister wasn't even involved in the book. She was the one secretly recorded; I posted a link earlier to the recordings, but yeah, the guy was right: no Trump supporter cares. 🙂
  5. There's a lot of turmoil in latin American countries
  6. You're ignoring that his niece wrote the "money grab" book, and that the recordings of his sister were in private and not connected to the book at all except for source material for the niece. Fine, you don't care that even his own family and a former federal judge finds his actions appalling.
  7. It can take a long time to fix a country, and if you were in a situation where you needed asylum, would't you consider the US? Fair enough about getting in line, but that's not always the case for asylum seekers who might have a more immediate need to escape their country than someone seeking a Visa. Privilege can be resources, education, safety nets..
  8. You seem to be making it clear. Should I quote the guy who literally said "nobody cares" that his own sister finds his actions disgusting too? You seem to know everyone else's values. No, Trump voters are not inherently bad—just ignore an awful lot and project Trumps faults on the people who are trying to hold him to account. But what do I know, I get my news from such social media sites as the NYT. Must be my liberal science and engineering education! 🙂
  9. Do deportations in general bother me? No, not really. It's the family separation by matter of policy that bothered me.
  10. It's the "we don't care" mantra of the Trump base—part of the sunk cost fallacy bookmarked between conspiracy theories of the liberal boogiemen who are trying to take down dear leader by... pointing out his actions
  11. Deporting, again, is different than family separation. Illegal entry or not, family separation is wrong as a matter of policy—at least for anybody with an ounce of empathy. Further, the Trump administration's separation included people who were legally seeking asylum. You can look a few posts back for those articles.
  12. The problem is they don't say what percentage were separated from family. I did a quick search and couldn't find the numbers either, just this link. In any case, I'm not keen on this regardless of what administration did it, especially as a matter of policy. 😕
  13. Congratulations with the projection, and good job posting a random person doing a youtube rant immediately afterward. Uh huh. Aside from you being wrong (lack of fact checking?) I'm glad you know him better than his family!
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