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  1. so we ever going to see our refund of $90.90 or are we going to have to take legal action. Time is running out. You got 5 days left.

  2. not a manager any more, need to update the profile, not even in the body shop biz any more, thx for the suggestion, and craigs list is goin to remove it, thx
  3. if by chance some one has posted a false sale on craigslist, selling a 68 fire bird in my name and number, please remove it, as i have contacted the controllers of craigs list and they are investigating it, remember you had to give your info and or wrong info, but also remember craigs list has a way to track who posted it, and i know that it wasn't me and they do too, so please if you have a problem with me call me, 602-323-4422, i will answer or return your call, but this false add proves nothing, and if this does not apply to any one on this forum, please forgive me, i do not know who or where else to ask, as this is the only forum i visit on a regular basis, thx tom :huh:
  4. to all involved, i am going to be refunding every ones money, as i have no idea what else to do, i have gotten no response from the seal manufacturer in a week, i will be sending refunds in form of money orders(so there will be no loss of fee's from pay pal to you all) as i have to do this on a weekly basis due to pay checks and other bills, i will be starting from oldest orders to current, if by chance some thing changes and i do get the seals i will notify all involved, i am very deeply sorry for all the inconvienace it has caused, and i will try to do this in a timely manner, as before my cell number is 602-323-4422, please call if you need to, i will answer all calls, so sorry about this to all ... on another note, if by chance some one has listed a false add(out of anger) of me trying to sell a fire bird on craigslist in phx, please remove this or you may be gettin into some trouble, remember you had to register to sell it, and i know you do not know my security code for craigslist, i have also contacted them directly and they are investigating it, if this does not apply please disregaurd, thx tom
  5. now that is thinkin out side the box, very cool idea, thx
  6. hey all, things are almost back to normal around here, it has really been a very bad ending to the year, but onto bussiness at hand, i do realize and know that the other guy has his seals in and ready, and i also realize that ours should have been done and are done, i am expecting them in a week, no need to haggle about all that has gone wrong, i know as well as all of you do, i/we have been gettin messed around for quite some time, now hopefully that is all over, as i stated earlier on, those that have hung in there and waited will be gettin their seals for 60.00 a pair, and shortly after you receive them you will be gettin a 20.00 refund, after that the price will still be 79.95 a pair and the shipping will be still 10.95, i will post up again in a few days when i have them(with pics), thx tom
  7. i will be posting an update in a couple days, some thing has happened in my personal life that interupts all my dealings with you all and the seal manufacturer, i will be calling them tomorrow wednesday the 28th, so stay tuned, please ck the general discussion board for the update in my life, thx tom
  8. it is with heavy heart that i type this out, on monday dec 19th 2011 at 11:15 pm my brother in law passed away, after a 3 year battle with congestive heart failure, bad liver, bad kindneys, and diabetes, his body could take no more, he was addicted to crystal meth, and that enough is bad all by itself, but combine that with the above mentioned diseases, and his bad judgement of drug choice, not that there really is a good choice as all have thier differant problems. he has had heart problems since his early 20's, with out any drug abuse help, his diabetes came in the 30's, the rest followed along within the past few years, i have and had been his medical care partner and care giver for the last 3 years, setting and helping him keep all his appointments, and making sure that he had all his med's when needed, we also were partners in a custom shop bussiness during the 90's, we were the best shop in so cal, we won the coveted low rider magazine super show best upholstery award 4 years in a row, a record that still stands today, i met my bro in 1989 when i joined JUST US mini truck club, our interest and passion for custom vehicles made us instant friends. as time passed we became closer, in 1991 i married his sister and became part of the family, so now my bond with him grew more, we did alot of things together and spent alot of time together, i know that there are a few of you on here that may have heard of him or our shop, Amby Salais, and Cruizin Connection in San Diego, after a few years his bad health started to catch up to him and he moved back home to phx az, then that brings us to the present, some bad choices and bad health did not mix, so it was with great sorrow and heavy heart that as his medical care giver and medical power of attorney officer for him i had to honor his request and ask the family to help me make the decision i knew he wanted, do not leave me hooked to no f***in machines, so at 10 pm monday we all decided it was time to let him go...we turned off the life support machines at 10:30 pm, the doctor gave him an injection of mild morphene so that his body would not suffer as he took his last breathes, we all said good bye. so please, i ask you all to just lift us all up in prayer, i know that he is in heaven, because my wife and i had the honor of leading him in prayer a couple months ago to accept JESUS CHRIST as his personal savior, and again i say so long my good friend, brother in law, and brother in CHRIST, love ya and miss ya...he was 44 years old, way to young for this...tom
  9. i can help you out with most of it, shipping will be the worst part of it all, i ship via grey hound bus, usually 4 - 5 days to the east coast, also usually runs 45.00 - 60.00 per part, if you are interested pm me and i will get you pics and prices, also are you looking for a rear step bumper or the small bumperettes, let me know, tom
  10. hey 74, i have new after market hoods, quality sheet metal, fits good, get me a pm and we can talk, i use grey hound bus for shipping, they are reasonably priced, have delivered all over the U.S. this way, alot cheaper then ups or fed ex, tom
  11. right on dale, it's great how we can all help each other out, thats family, only better cause we share a common hobby(love affair) , thats what it is all about...tom
  12. looks good bro, merry christmas, some times it takes a little finese, other times it works out great, enjoy, tom
  13. here are the pictures of the valances i talked to you guys about, i will try to get up bumper pictures before the week end, thx tom
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