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Misinformation, look here to get the 411


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This will be my latest creation. A 1967 Datsun 411 and a 1991 Mazda Miata.


Here we go . . .








Thinking about ride height . . . and starting to do some measuring . . . :wacko:










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This is going to be EPIC, and about as much of a secret as the last one, even though your trying to hide it with some generic thread title.  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

If you really want to hide it, keep that title, and put it in the 411 section. rofl.gif


I am subscribed!!!


I did not realize the 411 was a unibody construction, does it make the conversion more difficult?

What is this one for, certainly not racing?




       I never even knew that 411 thread was in the 411 section till just now. rofl.gifrofl.gifrofl.gif

       Now I know why it is called "misinformation", it was a secret(from me anyway) until I seen your name on this thread in project datto, I am happy I found this early, now I won't have to read 20 plus pages in one sitting.  :rolleyes:

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I plan on building this one quickly. I hope to be driving it in April 2013. The MX520 took over a year. Wayno, this is a unibody car and it looks to be more challenging. I have a plan for the rear but the front looks tough. I may have to tube the front to get it to work the way I want and if that happens I will most likely cage it to have something solid to attach to. I wanted to knock out the rear end first but looking at it now, I'm going to have to do the front end and keep it as low as I can (and still be able to steer it) and that will determine the ride height for the car, then get the rear to match. Due to the droopy ass design of the body, I'm thinking about building in about 3/4" of rake, as long as I can get it to handle.




Also, Wayno - you all now me well enough by now, of course I plan to track it! :P


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Cool Bob, Glad you decided to keep it! This one will be the best yet, I have a feeling. I just wish you would take time to help me figure out if I can stuff a miata rear under my 1200?


Of course you can. You just need to do it!


As soon as I have a MX5 rear end sitting there on my shop floor I will give you all of the measurements you want. How about that?

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Any guesses on what it weighs?


It is pretty much the shell with doors, all of the glass, hatch and hood. There is no dash, seats, engine, trans, suspension, gas tank or wiring.


Let the guessing begin . . . :w00t:





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