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  1. Working on it ;) But thanks for the obvious
  2. It's an inside joke... don't take it personally. And if my previous post offended you, then I'm sorry.
  3. Well.... Bad adam then..... Carry on with your public humiliation
  4. What you do with fat bitches is up to you bro ....
  5. Look into LED replacement bulbs if your gunna do em all, totally worth the extra bux IMO
  6. Yummy!!! Wonder if there's more pics of it at PIR floating around on the interwebs???
  7. Generic unhelpful derogatory input
  8. Always fun times when you make the paper ;)
  9. Like I said, the dapper thread's 1st post wasn't a for sale post
  10. Link to the mudflap thread in question, I might be thinking of the wrong one
  11. If the OP had actually been the individual selling the product then ya, but that wasn't the case
  12. Seems simple to me Dapper lighting started as "heads up" thread and evolved from there. The mudguard thread was someone posting an item that they themselves weren't selling
  13. Photobucket stores it's own copy of the photo, you would have to delete your Photobucket or a folder
  14. This page seems to be missing Pics...
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