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  1. I'm just thinking, that was twenty one years ago.Damn, I'm getting old! :(
  2. Haven't updated on this thing for a while now. This is a sort of sad one. In April I sold the truck, just got tired of it. I now own an 02 Frontier. The new owner is a member here, but has zero posts. I'm calling him out... bradreed62 get busy posting!
  3. I did wind up finding a set of the plastic ones at the pick and pull. Much better!
  4. I have made it a goal to buy and fix up a little camper like that for my next project, my the wife and I can use it to go traveling, and it isn't too heavy to tow behind my 720.
  5. I had a similar thing happen to me in 2009. I had a great job making good money as a technician at a Ford dealer. I was almost there for 10 years. It wasn't perfect, but pretty damn close! My service writer was a major ass kisser as was his worthless buddy. I got tired of busting my ass while the buddy slacked off. Not only was he lazy, but a terrible mechanic, constantly screwing up and trying to place the blame on others. Yet he was being trained for a promotion? One Saturday morning this fucker came in two hours late and drunk. After he "forgot" to put lug nuts on a vehicle stranding the poor old lady in a busy intersection and he and the writer tried to cover it up, that was the last straw for me and some of the other guys. I went to the service manager's office and reported it. He should have been fired, but since he kissed ass, he was only written up. That was BS as another great tech who worked there 15 years got fired over theft of a half empty can of brake cleaner. To make a long story short, I went on vacation the following week, all the while these two assholes conspired against me and fabricated "evidence" that I was embezzling money. Even made up fake service orders under my employee number. When I came back, I got fired. No one even wanted to hear my side, etc. Other than fighting them and winning over unemployment pay, I could do nothing about it since NC is a right to get screwed by your employer state aka "right to work." So all I can say is watch your back at work, TRUST NO ONE, and no one in the workplace is your friend.
  6. Got my NGK wires at Advance Auto parts. Had to be special ordered.
  7. I have an update, that stuff is still working. Still has that fake "new car" smell. I highly recommend that product!
  8. One of the three previous owners of my truck had attempted that with bailing wire, but failed. It still sagged something awful. But if it was done RIGHT it would work. I was just ready to give up. I couldn't afford to pay an upholsterer to basically rebuild the seat. It was missing a huge chunk of foam on the driver side, there was a hole!
  9. Me thinks him and Smoke was the same person!
  10. I'll try that and check the bowl level while I'm at it.
  11. JoeCool

    some engine shots

    WOW! That is one clean engine compartment. Looks like brand new.
  12. That is exactly what I used. Some fluorescent red nail polish the wife had. Two years later it still looks great. And it reflects light at night also. Looks a lot better than the ugly beige stock mess too.
  13. Well, tried what you said Mike, and it flows good and steady as long as the engine is turning over. And the coil is providing plenty of spark as well. I am going to get a new filter and give that a go, can't hurt. Now I have another problem, the damn hood latch is busted. No matter how I shut the hood, it no longer latches... GREAT! So I guess I am buying a new hood latch as well. Got a question... the instructions from Weber said to set timing to 13 degrees, which I did, but my service manual says 12. Would 12 do better? No difference? Is there a reason for Weber saying set to 13?
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