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  1. BRE510

    Pacifico santa monica pier special guests going

    I plan on making this one with both cars :thumbup:
  2. BRE510

    SWDP 7th annual Bar-B-Que August 23rd

    I'll be missing out again this year as I will be on vacation =(
  3. BRE510

    Possible Texas Canby consolation meet

    I'll join in in 2017 when I relocate to Texas... BTW, can you get past Texas safety inspections like you can with the Cali smog inspection (with a bit of add "dough")?
  4. BRE510

    First Nissan, now Toyota

    ...Yea, we need to figure out how to handle the father-in-law in the nursing home. The relocation benefits are huge. I hope I can make this all work out (with the wife), otherwise??????????
  5. BRE510

    First Nissan, now Toyota

    ...Well, it looks like I may be going to Plano in a couple years...
  6. BRE510

    SoCal Fun Run - Get your Datsun Ready! Sunday, 10/26.

    I'm still up for the monthly thing but I won't be able to go this weekend...
  7. BRE510

    SoCal Fun Run - Get your Datsun Ready! Sunday, 10/26.

    Colourbox, Thanks for for putting this together and rev'n up the sleepy heads... It was a great turnout and everyone enjoyed. Thanks again and look forward to it next month. If there is something I can help with, please let me know, BRE510 (Lawrence).
  8. BRE510

    SoCal Fun Run - Get your Datsun Ready! Sunday, 10/26.

    Did a run to Neptune's yesterday with the family. Great Day! Got there about 10:15. Lot pretty much empty. Went down to the beach across the street. By 11:15 lot was getting full. So it would be good to get there early (between 10:00-10:30) if we want to have parking...
  9. BRE510

    The Greengoon Build Thread 2.0 // Refresh

    ^ No. If anything, paint the interior slots black. The black color will make it look lower. The lighter color will do the opposite. I love how it looks :thumbup:
  10. BRE510

    SWDP 6th annual Bar-B-Que

    ^ :thumbup:
  11. BRE510

    SWDP 7th annual Bar-B-Que August 23rd

    I like the park as it is usually very hot and humid in August and the trees and large gazebos provide lots of shade and makes it more pleasant. I did not attend last year because it was scorching hot and little shade at the Wigwam.
  12. BRE510

    What's the meaning behind your user name?

    BRE510... Had one...
  13. BRE510

    Nissan IDx at cars & coffee this Sat.

    John, don't take the camera without batteries!!! :o
  14. BRE510

    Share your Flare (a thread for Box and Bre flares)

    My contribution...
  15. BRE510

    New years day 2012 Datsun's &waffles Whittier

    :thumbup: Thanks Brad

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