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  1. So with Hobo's OK, I will be bringing a bunch of Datsun stuff in the 411sss to sell. I will be moving soon, and need to thin my parts stash down. Lots of stuff.
  2. I dont see the problem. I leave the carb off and the intake open, While sanding bondo all the time.
  3. Hey Matt! Yes I still have the drag 521. It's in storage waiting for a new shortblock,(96 stroke x 90 bore stuffed in a medium block) and a decision regarding the trans. As much as I like rowing gears, the brass syncros and the shift linkage aint cutting it. So it's going to get a G force or a ford c4 auto with a really loose converter. Probably the latter.
  4. Yes it is a mutation. But the announcers just call it a Datsun 280z. On Friday night car club races, I run with the GM pack. The import event promoters wont let me play with them though.
  5. I have a race on Saturday, but I can roll up on Sunday. If it turns out to be a Saturday event, I will be up for leftovers.
  6. Dragstrip. NHRA divison six. Taken down detroit iron all day.
  7. I made people fear Datsuns. Finally won a race. Got a nice trophy, 300 bucks, and a steak dinner. Life is good.
  8. Saw it Saturday. Dont wait for the DVD. It needs to be seen on the big screen. Pretty amazing.
  9. IMO, the "fits everything and nothing" header available for our cars and trucks has primaries that are too short, and too small in diameter to offer any performance gains. It isn't tuned, and the collector is poo. If I was forced to use one, I would cut the collector off and make it a tri Y.
  10. Hope you have a good dentist. They are miserable on the street.
  11. You're right. First six pack of Henrys gets it.
  12. I still have my shorty. My conscience wont let me sell it. Worthless.
  13. I started out with one of those POS shorty headers. No one makes a decent header for a 521, so I ordered a v8 header kit and hack and slashed this together. That was after building the merged collector and sourcing a flange. It was a fun project and made a HUGE difference. 1 3/4 primaries. Dont remember what chokes are in the 48 dcoe's. I will have to look.
  14. What RPM are you trying to idle at? I have ran a 2.3 with the same cam, and 48 dcoes, 1 3/4 merged with a megaphone, with a stock point dizzy/pertronix (no can), and a Mallory DP/pertronix, and mine always idled chunky at 950 to 1000 RPM. plumbing a vac can to an isolated runner intake might be a pain, (if you chose to try manifold vacuum) and the carbs dont have ports. I played with several different combo's on my V8 Zcar. No can, can to ported vacuum, can to manifold. I also messed with advance springs and limiting the vac can travel. With no can at idle, 36 total, 12 idle, it would get hot sitting still really fast. What worked best for me was setting the initial/mechanical at 36 total at 3k with one light spring, one stiff. Then limiting the can to 12 degrees and plumbing it to the manifold vacuum, giving me 24 at idle, 48 at cruise, 36 wot. The car runs cool in traffic (or the staging lanes) has crazy good throttle response, good idle. Just mess around with different combo's till you find one that works. You might find that just locking the plate down solid and using your start retard gadgetry to be the ticket.
  15. EricJB

    Pic's of your Z

    Gettin some at Pacific last weekend. 12.17@109.5 mph, 1.67 seconds to the 60ft mark.
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