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  1. My Sedan was pulled behind a RV during its youth, because of that the windshield has lots of micro blips on its surface. If anyone wants to unload one on me I would be stoked. Pm a price and location, I’m in Seattle, but my Sister lives down in Portland,
  2. graveltrapp

    1200's unite!!!

    Maybe just a little PhotoShop.
  3. The battery you want is an off the shelf model 51. This drops right in unless you have the positive towards the grill, in which case you would need a 51R. $109 at Wallyworld, $115 at Napa with a longer warranty. In stock now.
  4. Those fuel lines will need to be moved away from the exhaust manifold.. I run the stock setup and still experience vapor lock on hot days in traffic. Cars looks great and is going to look even better when you lower it a few inches.
  5. We had a meet at the top floor of the parking garage whereas you can than stroll across the pedestrian overpass and enjoy a noisy burger at the Red Robin or other sights of interest at the malls food court run on sentences rule.......
  6. Have not seen much discussion on this. What are people's retailers for hitting the road. I could roll as early as 3pm out of Kent on Friday.
  7. If any of you guys with the older stuff are in town this Sunday, you should Head over to the Old School Reunion meet. See the listing in the events listings.
  8. This is a great show. This year they are moving to a new 5 acre site where grills and such are encouraged. This show has had the best most diverse spread of Vintage import cars around for sure. Its on Sunday so you can still do the Canby run on Friday and leave Sunday at 6am to roll into this one. This show is rad. http://theoldschoolreunion.us/2016/02/22/the-old-school-reunion-show/ https://www.facebook.com/events/1417882081870543/
  9. Here's one. http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/cto/5621567074.html I like the old Honda hanging out behind the Excercycle?
  10. I think it got sold back then. I was in Hawaii when it went on the market. And by the time I was back in town I thought he had sold it.
  11. Don't think I can make it this time. But keep it going and it will catch on.
  12. Very cool, but why not remove the cage and free up some weight to horsepower ratio.
  13. +12 might be a bit aggressive of an offset if you plan to lower the car at all.
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