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  1. The LAX/Sepulveda Pics got me thinking about our old Stapleton/I70 overpass.
  2. goes2fast


    About time someone else posted here! 😎
  3. Looks to be either 3 turbine or jet engines but judging from the racing slick tires I would guess 3 turbine engines of some sort. 😉
  4. Rocket engines do not have turbine blades to produce thrust.
  5. I don't think the hydrogen peroxide rockets had any turbine blades, at least the 2 that I saw in person didn't. I saw the Pollution Packer go 314 mph in the quarter while only being on the throttle half way down the track due to not enough room to get it stopped from a higher speed. This was when top fuel cars were going around 225 mph and Jack's Go Kart was going 225.
  6. I always though Elvis was a GM guy with all the Cadillacs and such. 🤣
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