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  1. You need to drive it a little more to see what happens, it could be a small piece of trash got in the way and when you stuck your foot in it the line pressure went high enough to make it break free.
  2. Interesting that one had air conditioning. At least one of the same cars was used for American Graffiti.
  3. You mean no one knows who Maxwell Smart was? 🤣
  4. The last 2 are real GM pickups! The new ones are nothing more than expensive status symbols. 😕
  5. I love it, too bad most people will have no clue what it means. 🤣
  6. Somewhere in my old pics I have one of this rig and one of the rails sitting in the pits at US 30 Drag strip.😀
  7. In the early 70s I worked for a company that was still using 2 old gas powered White dump trucks like this one. I got them yo buy a IH diesel for me and would make 1.5 trips for every 1 the Whites would make. 🤣
  8. No we need more diesels, bring back the 3408!!! I loved my TDI Golf cleaner exhaust than my wife's gasser and 50 mpg!
  9. I have LEDs that are very bright as well and draw even less.
  10. It got my curiosity up and I did some looking and found that they had developed this 525 hp version. Into this 700 hp beast before EPA regulations and GM killed it.
  11. I didn't know an old Dodge van had resale value! 🤣🤣🤣
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