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  1. OK, What where and why?
  2. None of these wallhaven- jpgs are loading for me??
  3. Yes you could, a lot of cars used front mount blowers back in the 60s without using reverse flow.
  4. I just read that the nail heads had very restrictive exhaust ports so as long as it was a blown engine this was thought to help. I couldn't find any info telling if it worked any better but I doubt if it did.
  5. I finally found it, that is a nail head with the flow reversed, but couldn't find who or why.
  6. I have met TV Tommy twice, a very nice man!
  7. What a Brat! 🤣
  8. I wonder how they get the rings to seal?
  9. Pinto Power! 😀 I have one sitting in my shop with a custom aluminum valve cover, Offy dual port intake topped with a 390 Holley 4 barrel, Racer Walsh cam, and headers.
  10. Couldn't decide between Truck Porn and Post Ass? 🤣
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