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  1. You got it, I had been unemployed so long by the time I moved to LA for the job that I had lost everything, wife house, newer vehicle ETC. I had to borrow money from a relative to make the move for a $6.60 per hour part time job. It took 7 years to get full time and a transfer back to Colorado but I managed to move to a better area after a couple of years. I retired 31 years later @ $37.00 per hour with flight benefits and a livable pension.
  2. Yeah, the original was a very good off road vehicle for a reasonable price the new one is an incredible off road vehicle for a lot more money than I can afford!
  3. When I first moved to LA for my job at UA I would be on the balcony of my apartment when 747s would land you could reach up and touch the landing gear, at least it felt like it! 🤣
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