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  1. Shit sucks. I go look at it and don't get any motivation or ambition at all to finish it
  2. Yeah...I haven't even touched it lately. Been to stressed and had no motivation to even do anything to it
  3. Made a lot of progress this weekend! Springs new bushings. All mounts final welded. Painted. Armored axle.
  4. Ok I'm exhausted so I'm gonna let the pictures explain themselves
  5. Been busting ass on it a lot lately! Frame cleaned up. Frame extended 3 inches. Hanger welded on. Goal is to have it on its own weight by the end of the weekend!!!
  6. Started working on it again. Nothing picture worthy just some cleanup grinding
  7. Not yet. Guys still working on the harness
  8. Was a very successful weekend. Still a lot of grinding and cleanup work to do but the new front crossmember and axle hanger mocked up!
  9. Not a whole lotta progress but did get a lot of the mounts cut off and ground down
  10. So tonight I finished removing all the factory front suspension and steering. Start cutting all the mounts off tomorrow and grinding the frame smooth and clean!!!
  11. So I started ripping the ifs out to make way for the Toyota axle!!!!
  12. Got a little bit more done. All accessories on front of engine mounted. Radiator in. Fans wired. Hoses made. Plumbing done!!!!
  13. Oh trust me I'm impressed with everything you've done in a apartment garage!
  14. That's along the plans. And redoing the garage door. It's pretty janky. But at least I'll be able to work on it whenever I feel like now. Can't sleep? Oh well there's a Datsun 10ft away to wrench on
  15. Little smaller than I would've liked but it's better than doing it in the driveway or having to drive a hour one way to my parents
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