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  1. In general fitting seats into a B210 later than '76 works best if you save the stock seat rails for something to mount to. There is a cat hump under the drivers seat that the rails are designed to fit around.
  2. Mike is completely right. Does your car look something like this? Then it is a 210, NOT a B210. I believe the deluxe had fake wood paneling on the wagons too. There is no such thing as a "B210 wagon". B210 was a North American designation and we did not get wagons until the 210 ('79). Outside North America the B210 was labeled 120Y. There are some major differences between the B210 and 210 and the ZX bodykit you listed would not fit even if you could find one (B210 Hatch only very rare). To put a 280z front end on a 210 would require major amounts of fabrication and skill. There is nothing even close to bolt on to do this for the 210. Source: I own a B210 and I've owned a 210 wagon. The 210 is a "B310" model, the "310" is a front wheel drive. I will be bluntly honest with you here: No one is hating on you we just have seen a lot of posts that start with grand ideas and end with the car sold for parts or scrapped when the owner gets bored or in over their head. I would strongly suggest that if you do not have an extensive background in car modification and customization and a good workshop that you consider a less ambitious project. Maybe just fix up the car and drive it for a while before you tear it apart?
  3. Last B210 was 78 and was never sold as a wagon in NA. However, the "deluxe wagon" is also a specific 210 designation (trim package I believe). Due to the cost and rareness of 280ZX struts he could try for Maxima wagon struts which I believe are nearly identical and not as sought after. EDIT: I forgot that it was Datzenmike who posted that in the first place. He would definitely need 14" rims as very few 13" clear the calipers. I have the 280ZX swap on my B210 so I'm quite familiar with it also, basically the same as 510 to be honest. Nice score on the struts BTW!
  4. Lets unpack this now. 1. Your car list says 1982 B210 deluxe wagon. That would not be a B210 but a 210 (B310), and yes they are closely related but different. http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Category:Datsun_B310 2. The 280Z struts will not work for a 210. 3. 280Z and 280ZX are very different cars and the terms and parts are not interchangeable. Much like Mike above I'm assuming you mean 280ZX strut swap. This will work with some relatively easy modifications to give you larger brakes (mostly swapping tophat and spring/springperch) that have been detailed extensively on this site. 4. 280ZX struts are highly desirable and therefore not cheap as they can be used to upgrade the brakes on several models (510, B210, etc...). If you get lucky you may find a wrecking yard with these parts or someone selling them (stock or modified), this will not be cheap. Here is basically your same question asked several years ago by someone else that goes into a bit more detail:
  5. https://web.archive.org/web/20160803030607/http://www.datsuncherry.ch/PDF/Rennteile75.pdf I would also suggest checking out this thread for more related info:
  6. He could always paint/cerakote it the dicktarn camo.
  7. Why keymod of all things?
  8. Links here. I merged the condenser instructions in with the other instruction files to make it easier. Warranty: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ubnCMROMdglJaW_Kzo6pgDj12jh81rDJ Instructions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TjpeTEL9QcDpO5Q4MxX6kX6G9KJjZPS9 Edit: sorry for the laziness, don't currently have scanner setup so it has been phone pics cropped and combined to PDF so quality has taken a minor hit.
  9. What's up next. Images are already taken, I just need to crop, edit and compile. Should be later this week. Links posted.
  10. Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jGDLVs87pXCFUIJp7rZxn7yUpR5GPd0F
  11. Yes, but not recently. But I also used to do 3D scanning and work with Stratasys 3D printers. Frankly, this is one of those I could solve it If I cared enough and wanted to spend the time and money to do it problems (there are many problems like that). But I don't so someone else will need to take this up, I'll give advice if asked, but I have too little time to spend on the R&D needed to solve this and frankly having made parts before there is no money incentive to it and buying and selling stuff has left a bad taste in my mouth. Edit: Sorry if this came off a bit more snarky than I had intended, was not in the best mood lastnight.
  12. I did this swap into my 74 Datsun B210. To let you know a 510 sedan driveshaft will also fit.
  13. Dguy210

    Got my B210 GX

    If you fix this or take it apart can you please take lots of pictures. Mine also doesn't work and I've been reluctant to tear into given how hard they are to find.
  14. You can use the auto crossmember as Datzenmike says with some adapter plates. Pretty easy job actually. You just need 2 steel plates about 2 by 4 and 1/4 inch thick or so. I welded one bolt onto mine years ago to make it easier but it isn't really necessary. These will let you take up the difference in height and let you put bolts back into the threaded holes already on the body. From memory you might need to drill one extra hole in the crossmember to get it to line up with the hole on the body but I'm not positive on that.
  15. Will be there. Likely will be me driving the B210 with the kids and the wife driving the Sienna with her parents (6 people do not fit in a B210...well).
  16. How much was he asking for the front and rear bumpers or front alone? I have both front and rear mounted and went and took a tape measure to the rear. Measurements of a JDM rear bumper are as follows: 56 inches long by 6 high (as mounted) depth from flat back in the middle to face is 2 inches and from the curved most edge rear to face is 3 inches. Opening on the JDM license plate space is 14.5 inches.
  17. I saw that, pretty interesting build.
  18. I'll be going to both sort of. Probably swing by the kicking it oldschool Saturday morning since it is happening very close to my house (seriously like 10 mins from my place). Then head down to Powerland. Not sure if I'm going to be camping at either place though. Probably just try to hangout with as many people as possible.
  19. My 2 cents: I'd say go for a hot A14. Had one back in the day in my 1200 coupe and it was more than enough power to be dangerous without a lot of other upgrades. Also, the swap is easy and the rest of your drivetrain will survive longer. Things not to do: Decide to cram a KA into a 1200. Just don't do it. Trust me on this one.
  20. I've yet to actually see a gen2 in the wild. Just the gen1 (lightly used) at my old LGS in the Glock 19 mags I believe. Honestly, Glock 17 or the Beretta 92 and I'd probably have bought it as I already have both. Ugh, might have to move it on to the to buy list.
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