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  1. I've done this... someone stole my steering wheel at school so I had to go with this to make the 5 mile trip home... I like the octagon wheel, that one is pretty neat. That + bass boat flake = money :wub:
  2. This was how I got around my landlord's "rules" with the white B. Put a small gas can under the hood to feed the pump, cranked it up and let it roll itself off of the trailer. Waited for him to leave and disassembled the death trap fuel can. It doesn't have any shoes in the rear or brake fluid in the master... :ninja: This project is coming along very nicely. You guys did an awesome job on the engine and that window treatment really worked out (saved for future use). Let me know how you like those poly tanks. I'm looking at a new tank due to rust, but I've heard the poly ones like to bulge after a while. Then my car would have a matching muffin top!
  3. Wait, raised? Is Tim talking you into rally as well? :P It does look good with that rake though. Can't really see it in that picture but it seems like 1/2 or 1 inch lower in the front and back would be the ticket.
  4. Damn guys, that looks pretty neat. Looking at it again it does looks like it would be pretty sturdy. The struts and springs might be enough to hold it in place pretty well. If you go rally are you going to do those underside braces? Something like those Subarus use? That seems like a lifesaver on a 40+ year old vehicle to help keep the body straight, but I'm not sure how often you'll be going airborne either :P 25 inch mudders with a push bar and a high stance, that makes me feel giddy like a school girl.
  5. Kirden


    So, question on the roof. I've never seen metal campers up close, but I was wondering is it one solid sheet? I see the screws around the top so I guess it would be so that it wouldn't leak.
  6. Woot, glad the doohickeys worked out for you. It was a long shot but you guys always figure it out. I like both ideas, but seeing a rally setup would be pretty awesome. Your seven is amazing, can't believe it didn't sell when you put it up. Guess some people just don't see how practical it is. You guys always give me amazing ideas, and my wallet always shits on them :( So, I'm honestly not familiar with link systems other than those crazy parallel links that were on my mazda. I know for racing twisties they are supposed to be better than the springs, but is it really that noticeable? I never understood how you wouldn't get that dreaded crawl without something like a panhard for competitive driving, so maybe I'm looking at it wrong. Can't wait to see pictures of the progress :)
  7. Kirden


    That's one hell of a mudflap... Beautiful camper. MM47 had a really nice camper on his 620 that I wish I'd grabbed that had a lot of windows. Not sure what the brand was though.
  8. I showed these to a few co-workers, pretty awesome reactions. Might have a sale or two for you guys after the move to TN
  9. Happy early pappies day to all the dads. Hope you all have a fun day with your little helpers

  10. That 195/50 looks scary for the local roads... Seems like I'd shred a tire or two riding that close to the fenders. Thanks again for the great info, that 14x7 picture was exactly what I'm looking for. I have 14x6 Dyna meshies but no idea what the offsets are (or how to accurately measure it). I guess that was why I thought about the 165/55s since 185s might look like balloons :P Also thanks for the basset/aero/bart advice. I've looked at aero and barts at summit and the barts looked like complete crap, but I'd honestly forgotten about basset. It looks like the prices are just a tad higher than aero, but I think I'll go aero for slightly better piece of mind.
  11. Hrm... The company is paying for the move, reimbursing me and will provide up to 60 days of housing... Time to shop! On to more off topic nonsense and thread jacking... So, I know this is one of the 1200 threads, but my question kinda fits because it's about those aero wheel (or barts, whichever really). Going with 195/45/r15s, what would be a good width and offset that could safely fit under a B210 coupe without flares? Also, same question for going 165/55/r14s with the coupe and a four door? Lastly, back to your lovely 1200 there, are those some of the NOS mirrors I keep seeing on ebay for $300+? They look tits but I'd hate to end up with some crappy plastic locking mechanism that breaks after one bump. If they aren't, do you have any feedback on those or know where I can find some sturdy bullets or flags for the fenders?
  12. Not going to lie, as soon as you guys picked up the falcon I started looking for one. At the time the only one I could find was $2k and still a project far beyond my abilities. They are sexy little oddities though, I just can't justify another project prior to the move to TN :crying:
  13. You know, I bet whatchamacallits would work better than thingies in this setup. If not you could always try doohickeys. I'm very happy that spell check supports both of these words...
  14. Yep, needs moar lower...The overall look is amazing though. Best part about pictures from you is trying to spot and call out each project in the background. It's like where's waldo for datsuns (and the odd falcon...) :P
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