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DO WORK SON! Let's see pics of your Datsun/Nissans being used AS TRUCKS WERE DESIGNED.

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I own trucks mainly to use for hauling stuff, not because I have a small penis and need to compensate for it, not to use as a show trailer queen, a family hauler, etc...


I had to trade in my last truck (07 Ford Explorer Sport Track) in Jan. 2010, as the $480 per month payment was killing me since I lost my good paying job and was unemployed for six months in 09, I was 4 months behind, so traded it before it was repo'd.


Until last July (2011) I had no truck. Only a 2006 Ford Taurus we had since new and a 07 Ford Fusion I traded for the Sport Trac for a much lower payment. Well, I live in the country and not only do a lot of building/fixing up my old house that was built in 1890, but we also have NO GARBAGE PICK UP. Let me tell you... if you have never carried trash in your car...IT FREAKING STINKS... LITERALLY! So I had enough of my car (06 Taurus) smelling like trash. Started looking for an old cheap truck, found the Datsun... rest is history.


So whenever I get the money to fix up my truck like I want, slammed on bags, etc. it will still need to be useful and practical, no trailer queens for me!

Going to the dump is a weekly thing... just usually don't have the bed full like this time, I had the cleaned out the woods behind the house, the original owner apparently didn't believe in the dump, he threw trash in the woods! And this was only the last of three trips, the smallest load!



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Does my old b210 count if I used it as a truck?



Hope so. Cuz tomorrow its going to be sporting an 83 ZX 5 speed, four rims/tires, ZX front suspension, and an R200 rear diff.


Then this coming week, an A14 and misc shit.

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Adam's post wasn't sarcastic, but I see your's is. Not cool.


Whatever, I see it as the same old rude search naziism I see all the time on forums that usually come from older forum members. My post just calls it out as such and highlights the irrelevance. I wasn't being an ahole. :thumbup:

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Lets get this thread back to what it's purpose was, trucks working hard. :D

I use my truck as a truck.








One ton on the truck, and one ton in the trailer.






This below might be a duplicate of the photo above.






I posted all these photos to show that I have used it this way a lot, not just a couple loads, but 50 to 100 of them easily.

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NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL A WORK HORSE! Awesome to see a little truck haul that much. I bet you turn a lot of heads and get stares of disbelief too!

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and a little bit of play



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My Xterra towing my 73 when I bought it in march,


My old D21 hauling a different s30 lol


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It doesn't look like it but there is 990lbs of washer and dryer motors. And there not even copper windings. Aluminium windings painted to look like copper. Wasn't even worth the effort.


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What speakers? Pioneer, sansui, fisher? They look vintage. I have a set of 72 cornwalls myself that look about the same size.


I got screwed on that too once, brought a giant transformer in turned out to be alum painted. Didnt even think to check...

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Nice, sensui G series receiver there?


Here is one of my heavily modded cornwalls. Crites tweeter, ALK crossover and horns, for stereo I run a fisher 500c all tube receiver.


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I have a set of vintage Jensen 25s, until today, i had not realized that the foam had deteriorated to this point, I have not looked at them in over 10 years.









I also have a sansui 90/90.


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Vintage motocross is another of my passions........here's a '75 CR125 Elsinore going for a ride in the back of my '74. My avatar has my '74 hauling my '73 CZ400.


I get so many thumbs up when folks see me going to the races in a time machine.......1974 620 hauling nearly same vintage MXr's...lol.




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some of my Datsun 521 trucks are named.  This is Dragon, moving a boat and trailer.


This is Ratsun collecting some windfall.


Ratsun with some fence tools.


Ratsun out working on the fence.


Ratsun moving another boat.


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Haulin a mitsu v6






Fridge for my friend being stupid there in the pic thought it was a bomb for a min. (he is from iraq lol)




I have more hauling a rsx motor a chevy small block trannys and metal and way more i put my truck to work son.

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ohhhhhh ice maker, you baller you... 

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