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  1. pulling that radiator hose will be so easy!
  2. I am just about to turn 200k on my truck and It still has lots of get up in it. I will more then likely need a new turbo in the next 10-20k though...... :confused: from reading your thread, your car knowledge is far superior then mine..... I just didn't want you to think these turbos can be used all out on a 4cyl and the engine would be fine. Then I read your ok with it blowing as long as you can rebuild it somewhat!! lol
  3. You has cummins?? :thumbup: your turbo can handle a lot more then 24psi........ hx's & hy's can easily handle into the high 30's low 40's there are few guys who have even gotten them into the 50's on the cummins forum. They wont last long with that much though
  4. I remember meeting with you at your place and standing by the wrong truck....... There were so many in the parking lot I was thinking WTF!!!
  5. HAHA I don't think it would last one minute at WOT with that turbo. my 98 cummins stock turbo hits 37psi when im really getting on it, not smart of me but I cant help it! im hoping your hood doesn't close to, cut a nice little hole to let it poke out a little bit and say hi to the world!!
  6. What brand of sound deadener did you end up using?
  7. Minds made up on going with an s13 engine, I'll just have a good collection of spare parts now. Center link won't be bad. It's been one little hassle after another with this engine, so enough is enough for me. Nothing is really hooked up on the block either, an hour at the most and it's out. Trying to find another enigne before that though.
  8. Got unmotivated for a few weeks and am now trying to take advantage of the nice weather. Gonna pull the frontier engine, and am looking for a s13 ka24de to put in its place. Ultimately this will be the easiest way for me to get the truck up and running.
  9. also.... since I have the windshield on now she will have to be put in the driveway........................................
  10. So.... picked up a windshield and driver side window. have a friend who does glass so he came over and sealed the window down for me and put the driver window in and fixed the track in the door. I am pondering just switching to a s13 engine. not sure how I am going to go about hooking up the distributor with the 240 harness and the frontier dist. is way different from looking at the 2.... also ha to scoop up Eric's de manifold as the header I bought was a little long. :crying: (that is not what she says....) putting the engine on hold while I lay some fatmat and track down some carpet and a few other pieces I am missing. any ideas on the distributor???
  11. Oooo I didn't put that together when I saw the pic of him towing it off
  12. Ya I liked those black ones you had all right.
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