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  1. and what the name of this one, I can´t find on web.!! found a similar but nothing of this! it´s really hard to find ones maybe find the holly grail on wheels 🤣
  2. I got new wheels for my panda. you know the name of this new wheels
  3. that´s why my other post, the 620 with front end of 510 SSS. like hakotoras fronts ?
  4. RIP. que en paz descanse, Q.E.P.D. ?
  5. yeah..!! always change the front of this UTEs. but no of the 620s isn´t common like the UTEs ?. but look really nice this 1200 with this front...!!!
  6. I know but it´s a simple curiosity like datsun 1200 ute hakosuka
  7. but I can´t find anyone man that´s my question dude..!!!
  8. Hi guys..!! some of you know or view or have a 620 pick up with a front end of 510?? how is it look like!! not front of hakotora skyline..!! with a 510 datsun maybe SSS???
  9. I change cadi rims for this ones :rofl: and I like it :thumbup: 15x10s
  10. Peter_Pablo

    New one

    ponselos con esos rines se debe de ver mejor los mios porque son progresivos y no salen tanto como unos 10 o 12s ahi si se ven bien perros y los flares :thumbup: nomas que no he conseguido rines anchos para que se vea como se debe y bajarlo mas
  11. Peter_Pablo

    New one

    la tengo abandonanda casi no la uso pero ahora lo que sigue new paint job para la pobre
  12. el bisel donde van los marcadores y el stereo el que es de plastico duro ahi mire que lo pintastes tambien gris :thumbup:
  13. nicee putoo carro hommiee...!!! te esta quedando de poca madres felicidades espero pronto darle amor al mio tambien pero si sabes donde puedo conseguir el tablero te lo agradeceria infinitamente ya que nomas no lo hayo por ningun lado saludos y suerte con tu proyect de pocos peloss :thumbup:
  14. damn men but non of those rims arent the same´s :confused: is really that hard to find those f****g rimss?? why I can not find them!! :mad:
  15. Hi everyones!! I just wanna know if you guys know the name of this wheels there are 20s but there are simply awesome. but I can´t find them. because i dont know the name :/. i hope so one of you know them i appreciate it.
  16. Peter_Pablo

    New one

    my new flares for my little panda
  17. your a really faggot dude..!! in mexico nothing happens dont worry. enjoy life everywhere you go US is not clean at all. shooters for everywheres on freeways too. in mexico dont see that shitss well send pics to what happens jajajaja
  18. Lets go to work a little bit!!! 11 trips to carry bricks to my new home, about 150 bricks per trip and weighing about 8 kilograms each brick http://s157.photobucket.com/user/peter_pablo/media/VID_20130926_073254.mp4.html knocking a post where my new home will be made http://s157.photobucket.com/user/peter_pablo/media/VIDEO0004.mp4.html
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