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DO WORK SON! Let's see pics of your Datsun/Nissans being used AS TRUCKS WERE DESIGNED.


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Guest 510kamikazifreak

It's usually gone by the time I get there. But I do come up sometimes. Found these last year. Hand Made Tube amps from Hell.





From hell.. :w00t:


I am into the old school stereo stuff :sneaky:

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lets be honest ...redeye has the nicest 4x4x620 we all seen ........turned out awesome man and it gets the work done too ......A+...


redbullet...... nice to see it will haul river rock ... i need some at my house but am nervous to haul with no suspension travel to begin with....actaully i more nervous about the bucket technician .. hes ok to spill wood chips or topsol all over my truck ... but i dont need a simulated hails storm to my cab when it comes time  for the rock

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Can't find the pictures of my 521 all loaded up for my move from KC to Indy, but here is my Frontier being used.


Not that much weight, but after my coworker told me that each of the bigger boxes in the back cost about $5,000 each, I kind of shat bricks.




Stuff for one garden box



Moving me from Indianapolis to Seattle, the bed was loaded up with stuff also.  Wife flexing the muscles.



Towing my '72 from Kansas City to Indianapolis


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