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DO WORK SON! Let's see pics of your Datsun/Nissans being used AS TRUCKS WERE DESIGNED.


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Yeah, I can't do it if it's not the red one..... and even then, is it even pliable enough to roll up to ship?  :hmm:   The one we have is so fucking stiff and brittle.  


We do have some carpet the PO did, and some 720 mats that I cut to fit, but a clean, matching vinyl would be nice.

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I hope you killed that bitch!

I don't mind spiders and are sometimes even fascinated by them, usually leave them be. But I hate a damn black widow! I kill them when I see one. Been bitten by them twice! Second time my Mechanix glove saved me. First time I was bitten as a teenager. It hurt like hell!

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