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DO WORK SON! Let's see pics of your Datsun/Nissans being used AS TRUCKS WERE DESIGNED.


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How bout my truck with a 53' flatbed :lol:




If that didn't squash the backend of your nice 521 pickup, I actually suspect you could get that load moving on flat ground, but you would have very little for brakes, if by some miracle you were able to get it all moving faster than 30mph, you would have nothing for brakes, zero, you could push as hard as you can on the brakes, and nothing would happen.


I have done something like this before, I put 2 cord+ of green fire wood on the back of my datsun and trailer, I could get it moving easy enough for moving 5000lbs or more, but I had no brakes at all on the hiway, I got that load home and never did that again.


I have hauled 2 ton with my work truck, one on my flatbed, and one in the trailer, that was nothing compared to that one load of wood I hauled home that day.


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Pretty cool..I'll bet a lot of yuppies driving trucks with 3 foot beds have AHA! moments when they see little trucks doing work like that!


Only thing is...I wouldn't want to be behind you on a mountain pass with those suckers loaded down like that! :D

HEY! I used to be one of those people! You'd be surprised how much weight my 07 Sport Trac could hold and how much I could cram in it.



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Started off today by moving some shit around



Then moved some more shit to where thee existing shit sat


tested out the new chains


Low ridaaah!


Then loaded up more shit



And drove to scrap my steel only to find out their closed for "inventory"............ This was all today btw.

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Helped a good friend move some yard waste & leftover furniture from here to there......he has a van but my 620 was called into service as aux muscle :)


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