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  1. how many newbies til im not a post?
  2. Dawa

    Dawa's 73 620 build

    ok here are some photos from workin on em here we have my lil compressor & air line, used for blowing the fuel line free of debris (thanks for the tip, Teddy) wait, where is the battery? here it is, in the bed. one project of mine is a better, and better looking battery box. here is what she looks like. within a couple months im gonna sand her back down to bare metal and experiment with different clear protective coatings. lastly, here is a sneak peek of my new longbed. i say mine but its actually only 2/5's mine, im making payments. maybe some of you recognize this truck and know the owner. ill give you a hint, he is a local pnw guy....
  3. Dawa

    Dawa's 73 620 build

    ok, update! so Ive replaced all the fuel hoses, took it for a spin, she runs fine as ever, stops ok, too. I park her, go back the next day, and there is oil on the ground. big puddle. now, the bitch has always had a slight drip from the rear main seal, but this qas like at least a full quart of oil. I lay on the ground and watch the bitch to see where this leak is coming from.... and its the goddamn dreaded (at least to me) leak from the metal AROUND the drain plug. so I went out and bought some epoxy, and now im just waiting for all the oil to drain out, then clean the surface, and lay on some epoxy. the other portion of getting her on the road is getting the tabs renewed. this is not as easy as it sounds. I live in WA and she's registered in Cali. I have the original plates so im going to keep it that way. the problem is that I renewed the tabs and they sent it to my old san diego address. last week (7/25) I sent in the address request form. Yesterday (8/3) I call the dmv to get a status, and the lady says that forms received by mail like that typically take 4 weeks to process! so now I might have to wait another 3 weeks for this process, just to fill out the form for new tabs. furthermore, they will not change your address on the phone. I will post photos tomorrows guys, im sorry. and sorry for the ranty explanation
  4. Dawa

    Spuds 76 620 Project

    I love longbeds and I love this truck! you are putting in some quality work!
  5. hmm, 814 miles/13 hours... I wonder if my truck could make it? just gotta receive my cabs from cali, seal up an oil pan leak, pack oil, gas, and water in the bed, and I think I could make it. maybe stopping in Portland and or somewhere else in norcal.
  6. Dawa

    Dawa's 73 620 build

    i am pleased to announce that after a hiatus, numerous deployments, and months spent at sea, and after the truck not running for years, that I finally got her fired up the other day, and that my build is back on. my immediate plans are to get it back to a reliable and street legal status, which includes but is not limited to: -changing out all the fuel hoses for new -renewing the registration -bleeding the brakes (if necessary) after that, I should be able to drive it around town (and beyond!) I have no super big plans at the moment, just need to get to driving her again. but I do plan on taking it all over the state and pnw to go to all the meets and meet Datsun buddies.
  7. Dawa

    What rims are these?

    those are pretty good looking!... I also dk who makes em
  8. Dawa

    What are you listening to???

    just wanted to take this time to profess my everlasting love for Lana Del Rey
  9. Dawa

    Flush or Recessed Broken Bolt in Aluminum Removal

    yeah when I broke a stud in my aluminum had I just did the easy out method.
  10. Dawa

    17 wheels for 240z fit

    where are you worried about rubbing? suspension or fenders? one helpful tool when considering changing wheels and or tire sizes is a site like this https://tiresize.com/comparison/ thatll tell you the difference so you know what to expect.
  11. Dawa

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    ah fack, I thought I had a few weeks or months left to get prepped! no can make it by next week :/
  12. Dawa

    Post your Garage/Shop space!

    In love with everyone's garages. im closing on my first house by may 31st (hopefully sooner). its a 2 car garage, and 2 long car ports. I looked for months for a 3+ car garage and finally had to settle. once I get the garage & carports inhabited, ill post photos.
  13. Dawa

    how much fuel a 1600 engine consumes?

    ! my thoughts exactly. I think there might be a leak in your fuel system somewhere. start at fill hose, then tank, then lines to filter, lines/hoses from there to carb.
  14. Dawa

    how much fuel a 1600 engine consumes?

    might've already been mentioned but its all about how heavy your foot is, and what gears you drive in/what rpm you operate at. slow take offs from lights, riding around in higher gear (as long as youre not going up hills or don't NEED to accelerate) etc will help you increase your mileage per tank.

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