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  1. konig209

    Red riding hood

    Ive had like 6 d21s never had rust on any of them other than forced rust on one tailgate
  2. konig209

    Red riding hood

    The shock tower is so bent the caster is far back that when you turn left the tire touched the under side of the wheel well of the cab. Dude drove it and would turn left let the tire rub and it took off all paint and gave the steel a nice polish.
  3. konig209

    Red riding hood

    So been a while i even forgot i posted it on here. Updates are. Engine bay is painted and i had to buy a donor truck cause the previous owner fucked me even though he says he didnt know but they wheel well is fully polished and ive never driven it lol. So now ima going to do a buncha chassis work to the donor truck to later pull it all apart and put red riding hoods body on it. This is the donor. Im making it drivable so it can at least move under its own power. 20200826_123529 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr 20200826_122606 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flic
  4. Look guys this is a preview. Its not set in stone what material theyre going to made of. But theyre going to be made of a different compound i think. Im not making them someone else is. I just supplied the parts.
  5. So a friend of my 3d prints stuff. And he is pretty damn good. Soon these will be availible for everyone. New tail light buckets also soon to come are red brake light covers and clear reverse covers. The only thing you will be needing is your old tail light frames and ruber to seal. Here is the first stage bucket next to an oem. Thoughts are in the air about changing the socket style. FB_IMG_1582956237677 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr
  6. konig209

    Red riding hood

    Im honestly aiming to drive it before the end of next month its already back on the groud. There is so much wrong that has to be undone its not even funny. But im going to get the engine bay harness back on by next week. I need to order a fuel pump, driveline some a-n fittings and buncha random small shit. But my motivation went to shit. Im aiming for a show in may. But the real one im after is in july
  7. konig209

    Red riding hood

    When its lowered 11.5 inches with 205 50s and 7 degrees camber like it used to be on my old truck itll be just fine 🙂
  8. konig209

    Red riding hood

    So i got a new one finally ive had it like 2 weeks or so. Already got rid of the l16 the 4 speed and the bench seat got my old sr in there and slowly doing work to it. But enough about that. I know you guys like oics. 20200208_155332 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr 20200208_165216 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr 20200208_165339 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr 20200208_172101 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr 20200209_095029 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr 20200209_175745 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr 20200212_163739 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flic
  9. The ammount of people i have to send back to read this is pretty funny. Looks like i missed the how to wire up the alt. So on my next swap ill be doing soon ill take pics and update how to do that. Might have to add the second source for the mount kits now too since i think blackmarkit dont make em anymore. 😏
  10. I have now come the realization. Google is only there to look up porn and memes. The ammount of questions i get on all social media is crazy. Ill answer 1 question. Soon as i get the second im like ok you needa read. Then i just send this link 🤦‍♂️
  11. Idk why the pics are gone ill upload em up again
  12. The steering box messed up. Im not sure if from the crash from 2 years ago or what. But i lost the steeing i panicked tapped the brakes and it steered itself a little to the right. I locked the brakes up but couldnt stop it went into a tree.
  13. Im fine not a scratch on it. Im starting to feel the hit i think. Im a lil sore
  14. The end of an era. Time to start on something new and better. 2018-11-22_12-43-06 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr
  15. So my truck was featured on speedhunters ? http://www.speedhunters.com/2018/11/one-mans-trash-another-mans-treasure/
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