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  1. Well, I decided to ka swap it. So I started collecting all the parts to do it. Completed the swap in 4 days, could’ve done it in two if I hadn’t drank so much lol. So I finished up the swap, drove it for two weeks and blew the head gasket cuz I had some overheating issues upon first couple start ups and I think it weakened the head gasket. I fixed that and drove it for a while then I really did sell it, about 2 years ago to James. James sold it to Alex, Alex traded it to Chris, Chris turned it into a 2 door wagon, Chris sold it back to James, then James sold it to a dude in Hawaii and that’s w
  2. I'll drive it to you. I'm always down for a roadtrip
  3. Damn. Nice gauge cluster! Is all the info on it in your thread here somewhere? I'd like to do the same.
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