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  1. so hobo hooked me up today. i have been searching high and low for one but they are not easy to find. just wanted to say THANKS HOBO!
  2. thats geoff. not sure if he is on here or not.
  3. Fucker should never be enclosed it should be driven!
  4. if you have any spare cool classic 510s i will swap ya for a yellow goon
  5. i have not looked at your ad but in general if it says make offer i wont bother. post a price and a location. if i think your price is high but close i will make an offer.
  6. Do you drive on gravel roads much?
  7. Saw little miss in arlington sat. I work like 2 blocks down from the mechanic.
  8. a HUGE thank you to ratdat3 for hooking me up with a couple yellow 620s!!! i have looked at all th kmarts within 300 miles of my house and couldnt find any. the yellow 620is the most important to me since it matches my truck. and he was a stand up guy, shipped when he said and gave me a killer trade!!!! thanks man its very appreciated!!! truck for reference
  9. If you need it I have propane. I will bring chips and some sodas.
  10. so these are my spares. i would love to trade for a yellow 620. if you have a yellow 620 pm me what you want for it. also would be interested in any 510s but mostly the yellow wagon and cool classic.
  11. That would be bad ass to rig it up to some driving games. Put a couple screens in the windshield. Hook up the pedals and steering to the controller etc.
  12. https://www.rockauto.com/ Part # A37105 34 cents plus shipping
  13. never sweat on the clock and never poop on your own time.
  14. nissan made a naps z series of motors. naps standing for nissan anti pollution system. the engine block is pretty much an l series block but with a crappy flowing head. so people bolt on a better flowing head, like the a 87 and now you essentially have an l22. here are some links to help you. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/54656-basic-lz22-build-w-flat-top-sss-su/ http://community.ratsun.net/topic/21285-lz22-engine/ now for valve adjustment i would use standard l series specs. cold engine is .008 and .010
  15. weather was perfect. nobody wrecked on the way home this year..... it was a great time.
  16. I plan to be there around 11 food by noon.
  17. Pretty sure I have one. I will look when I get home tonight.
  18. I have some spares out of an l18 if you need them.
  19. I happened to get one of these kits from mr. klotz and i have to say the fitment was top notch. installation took less than an hour, including digging for tools, and was way easier than expected. the quality of all the pieces was better than the kit i got for my 510. as far as any improvement its only been a few miles but the truck seems to track straighter and feels just a little better. i will report back after some miles. now on to the pics!!! here is the stock setup with the worn out bushings still in there. removal is simply one bolt then push the old worn out cracked rubber bushing out. here is old vs new. pics dont really show how soft and worn the old bushings were. you can see the old bushings were a little longer. you will see why the new are better in just a moment. installation was simply push the bushing into the upper control arm, lube the metal sleeve with the supplied lube and press it into the bushing. then add the 2 delrin spacers. here is why the new bushing is superior to the old. the old had rubber between the metal pieces which added a ton of slop. the new has delrin which seemed to really tighten things up. now add the supplied new bolt, washer and nyloc nut. torque to spec and your done! super easy.
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