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  1. How about we get rid of the price of shit moble version!? Nobody likes it and it pisses me off having to switch back to full every time I open ratsun

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    2. jvb5577


      I use the mobile all the time, never have any issues with it...

    3. nismo dr

      nismo dr

      rabble rabble rabble

    4. ArchetypeDatsun
  2. I just bought 8 of the 620's... Lol I couldn't stop
  3. Well I never update my thread here anymore cause I'm on nw datsuns now but I figures I'd throw up some current pics of the progress. I swapped cabs, did some painting and body work and am working on it bit by bit My dad, draynor, and the dat side helping me swap cabs Cabs swapped Rolled like this for a few weeks And finished more paint and body work
  4. If it's all rusted out like that you totally should! I'd daily that thing haha
  5. Winning!? Lol work in progress
  6. Figured I throw up a current pic, it's gonna get even better from here
  7. If it's a z22e block the bore should be 87mm which is huge. I just did the calculations on ozdat and looks like it'll be running 10.016 to 1 compression which is perfect. Should be epic dude
  8. Got inspired on the three wheeler today. I tightened the chain, adjusted the breaks, adjusted the mixture and idle. Then I took it on an awesome ride around my property. Tore it up in a wooded area sliding around between the trees and climbed a couple small inclines. Probably gonna peel the crappy black paint off and beeline the plastics. Then I'll paint the tank a nice satin black. I also have a six pack rack and some old school honda wing decals coming in the mail. Love the seat
  9. Haven't come close to flipping mine yet, but I did manage to run my foot over. Gonna blaze some more trails in the woods and have some fun. Basically from what I hear they take allot more practice than a quad or dirt bike. I don't plan on going crazy tho, just having fun and getting ust to it for now. Might take it on some unimproved roads or something soon.
  10. Eh that's a myth haha they take more time to learn than a quad but if you respect them they'll respect you. They're perfect for the dunes, just gotta be careful and watch what I'm doing on the trails
  11. How rough it the liner? Kinds thinking of using it on the plastics on my 3 wheeler
  12. Having fun trolling? Stop trying to pick fights dude. If you don't like it here then leave, you won't be missed.
  13. Long beds rule!! I just picked up a Honda 250r three wheeler in my 620 and it fits with the tool box in and the tailgate closed! Awesome
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